Friday, September 18, 2020

FCC items

Opp, Alabama: WAMI 880:
OFF June 25th pending relocation to Maplesville.

Phenix City, Alabama: WHTY 1460:
Calls changed from WGSY.

Fairbanks, Alaska: KFAR 660:
Granted correction of coordinates to 64-48-31/147-29-39.

Sheridan, Arkansas: KLRG 880:
Requests STA for 31,000 watts non-directional daytime only; higher power results in VSWR trips and a fire...

Los Angeles, California: KSPN 710:
Requests power reduction to 34,000/2,500 DA-2, 34-06-50/117-59-51; to relocate to the KRDC-1110 site.

Paso Robles, California: KPRL 1230:
Granted site move approximately 360m to 35-39-22/120-41-05.

San Jose, California: KLIV 1590:
Granted power increase to 6,200/5,000 DA-2 & move to the KVVN-1430 site at 37-19-47/121-51-58.

Jacksonville, Florida: WZAZ 1400:
Requests relocation to the church which owns the station, 30-19-05/81-32-24.

Marianna, Florida: WTOT 980:
Calls changed from WTID.

Woodbine, Georgia: WCGA 1100:
Granted STA to return to the air with parameters at variance if necessary.

Rupert, Idaho: KKRK 970:
Calls changed from KXTA.

Albuquerque, New Mexico: KDAZ 700:
Granted power to 450/55 ND; to change frequency from 730 and remove one tower of two-tower array.

Talent, Oregon: KSJK 1230:
OFF Sept. 8th, destroyed by wildfire.

Hazleton, Pennsylvania: WAZL 1490:
Granted STA to operate under expired CP.

Latrobe, Pennsylvania: WXVE 1570:
Calls changed from WKHJ.

Orangeburg, South Carolina: WPJK 1580:
Site changed & power increased from 1,000 to 3,300 ND, 33-29-55/80-50-33.

Houston, Texas: KPRC 950:
Requests relocation to KBME-790 site & power change to 7,000/4,300 DA-N, 29-54-55/95-27-48.

Cedar City, Utah: KSUB 590:
Requests STA to operate at reduced power of 1kw pending repairs to antenna tuning unit.

Ogden, Utah: KMES 1430:
Calls changed from KLO.

La Crosse, Wisconsin: WLXR 1490:
Calls changed from WLFN.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

List of Class A ("Clear Channel") stations by license date

Here's a list of the 56 existing (and two former) U.S. Class A stations, in order by date of first license.  Note that KDKA is not first☺.  The Pittsburgh station's first broadcasts were under a "Special Land Station" license; "Broadcasting" licenses were not yet available.

("Special" because KDKA wasn't used to communicate with ships)

The list:

Seq Calls Location Licensed Former location/calls/notes
1 WBZ Boston 09/15/21 Springfield
2 KDKA Pittsburgh 11/07/21
3 KYW Philadelphia 11/15/21 Chicago
4 KNX Los Angeles 12/08/21
5 WPHT Philadelphia 01/10/22 WCAU, WOGL, WGMP, WPTS
6 WGY Schenectady, N.Y. 02/04/22
7 WOR New York City 02/20/22 Newark
8 WLW Cincinnati 03/02/22
9 KOMO Seattle 03/09/22 KJR; swapped calls
10 WSCR Chicago 03/29/22 WMAQ
11 WWL New Orleans 03/31/22
12 KFI Los Angeles 03/31/22
13 WFAN New York City 04/09/22 WEAF, WNBC, WRCA
14 WBT Charlotte 04/10/22
15 WSB Atlanta 04/11/22
16 KNBR San Francisco 04/17/22 KPO, KNBC
17 KSL Salt Lake City 04/21/22
18 WBAP Fort Worth 05/02/22
19 WJR Detroit 05/04/22
20 WTAM Cleveland 05/15/22 KYW, WKYC, WWWE
21 WGN Chicago 05/19/22
22 WHAS Louisville 07/13/22
23 KFBK Sacramento 08/16/22
24 WCCO Minneapolis 09/05/22
25 WOAI San Antonio 09/14/22
26 WABC New York City 05/12/23 WJZ
27 KOKC Oklahoma City 09/27/23 KFJF, KOMA
28 KGO San Francisco 01/22/24 Oakland
29 WLS Chicago 04/11/24
30 WHO Des Moines 04/15/24
31 KFAB Omaha 11/08/24 Lincoln
32 WBBM Chicago 11/14/24
33 KAAY Little Rock 12/19/24 KTHS Hot Springs
34 WTIC Hartford 01/27/25
35 KOA Denver 01/28/25
36 WCBS New York City 03/26/25 WABC-WBOQ
37 WOWO Fort Wayne 06/22/25 Converted to B
38 WLAC Nashville 09/11/25
39 WSM Nashville 10/26/25
40 WRVA Richmond 11/11/25
41 WMVP Chicago 07/13/26 WCFL, WLUP
42 KFAQ Tulsa 07/19/26 KVOO
43 KWKH Shreveport 08/06/26
44 WBAL Baltimore 08/24/26
45 WFED Washington 09/25/26 WJSV, WTFF, WTOP, WTWP, WWWT
46 KMOX St. Louis 10/23/26
47 WWKB Buffalo 11/01/26 WKBW
48 KRLD Dallas 11/03/26
49 WWVA Wheeling 12/06/26
50 KIRO Seattle 01/17/27 KPCB
51 WBBR New York City 01/30/27 WODA, WAAM, WNEW. Signon date vague.
52 KGA Spokane 02/04/27 Converted to B
53 KEX Portland 06/01/27
54 KSTP St. Paul 05/20/28
55 WCKY Cincinnati 09/16/29 WSAI Covington, Ky.
56 WFME New York City 06/29/34 WQXR, WQEW
57 KNZR Bakersfield 01/12/35 KPMC
58 KXEL Waterloo 01/27/43

Friday, September 11, 2020

FCC items

Pinellas Park, Florida: WTBN 570:
Granted power reduction to 250/730 DA-1; move site 29km southwest to WGUL-860 Dunedin site.

Woodbine, Georgia: WCGA 1100:
Granted STA to operate at unspecified abnormal parameters.

Lake Charles, Louisiana: KLCL 1470:
OFF Aug. 27th, power lost at temporary facility.

West Fargo, North Dakota: KFNW 1200:
Granted move to new site 46-43-15/97-01-47.

Altoona, Pennsylvania: WTNA 1430:
Requests STA for 5,000/25 ND pending tower repairs.

Hazleton, Pennsylvania: WAZL 1490:
Granted STA to operate at unspecified abnormal parameters.

Middlebury, Vermont: WFAD 1490:
Granted slight power reduction to 960/960 ND, to replace existing tower with one slightly taller.

Friday, September 04, 2020

FCC items

Helendale, California: KQTE 1450:
Granted change to 760/760 ND, 34-46-00/117-14-48; to relocate transmitter.

Jacksonville, Florida: WZAZ 1400:
OFF Aug. 19th, temporary antenna damaged.

Ellijay, Georgia: WPGY 1580:
Correct coordinates to 34-41-57/84-28-42.

Madison, Georgia: WYTH 1250:
Granted STA for 500 watts to temporary long-wire antenna pending move to permanent tower.

Lake Charles, Louisiana: KXZZ 1580:
OFF Aug. 27th, Hurricane Laura damage.

Sulphur, Louisiana: KEZM 1310:
OFF Aug. 27th, Hurricane Laura destroyed antenna.

Butte, Montana: KXTL 1370:
Granted daytime power reduction from 5kw to 1kw.

Derry, New Hampshire: WDER 1320:
Requests STA to operate 400 watts at night (vs. licensed 1,000) with modified directional pattern.  Lawnmower knocked down tower #4.

Charlotte, North Carolina: WHVN 1240:
Requests STA 600/600 ND, 35-15-51/80-46-13; interim site using studio-transmitter link (STL) tower.  Lost existing transmitter site.

West Fargo, North Dakota: KFNW 1200:
Requests move to 46-43-15/97-01-47; 50,000/13,000 DA-2; to move site.

Parma, Ohio: WCCD 1000:
Failed to file license renewal by June 1st deadline.  If a late renewal isn't filed, the WCCD license expires Oct. 1st.

Woodward, Oklahoma: KSIW 1450:
Correct coordinates to 36-25-37/99-24-22.

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania: WFYL 1180:
OFF Mar. 23rd.  Station lost lease, and its temporary site has been vandalized four times since October 2019.

Beaumont, Texas: KLVI 560:
Granted STA to operate non-directionally at night at 25% power or "a higher power not exceeding licensed power while insuring that the radiated field strength does not exceed that authorized in any given azimuth..."

Beaumont, Texas: KZZB 990:
OFF Aug. 20th, no electrical service to transmitter site.  (although the STA request says the call letters are WLVV:) )

Middlebury, Vermont: WFAD 1490:
Requests power reduction to 960 watts ND; amendment from 966 watts.  Tower to be replaced with one slightly higher.

Friday, August 28, 2020

FCC (and CRTC) Items

Decatur, Arkansas: KFFK 1390:  
Granted power reduction to 800 ND-D, 36-24-41/94-27-02; city from Rogers.

Gentry, Arkansas: KREB 1190:
Granted power reduction to 3,000 ND-D, 36-24-41/94-27-02; city from Bentonville.

Upper Grand Lagoon, Florida: WLTG 1430:
Power reduced to 125/60 ND, 30-10-44/85-46-55; city from Panama City.  To share the WPCF-1290 tower.

Savannah, Georgia: WJLG 900:
Granted STA for approximately 5% power (200 watts) due to lightning damage.

Pearl City, Hawaii: KUPA 1370:
Requests reduction in power from 6,200 watts to 250, both day and night.

Chubbuck, Idaho: KPCQ 1490:
OFF June 15th, trackhoe destroyed temporary antenna.

Somonauk, Illinois: WSPY 1480:
Granted power reduction to 250 ND-D, 41-40-06/88-34-06; city from Geneva.

New Castle, Indiana: WLTI 1550:
Granted STA to operate with daytime pattern at night at 25% power (62 watts) pending repairs to antenna system.

Danville, Kentucky: WHIR 1230:
Requests correction of coordinates to 37-40-26/84-45-57.

Augusta, Maine: WMDR 1340:
OFF Aug. 24th, repairs complete but doesn't want to resume operation until thunderstorm passes.

Indianola, Mississippi: WNLA 1390:
Granted move from 1380, 1,000/15 ND, 33-28-41/90-38-28.

Fredericton, New Brunswick: CKHJ 1260:
Requests reduction of night power to 32 watts non-directional.

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico: WORA 760:
Requests STA 1,250 ND day and night; to operate at 25% power after Hurricane Isaac damage.  Granted.

Sparta, Tennessee: WTZX 860:
Power reduced to 950/10 ND, 35-57-16/85-28-37; sharing the WSMT-1050 tower.

Ballinger, Texas: KRUN 1400:
Granted STA 240 watts daytime; night not affected.

Moneta, Virginia: WSLK 880:
OFF June 24th pending move to new site.

Friday, August 21, 2020

FCC items

Muscle Shoals, Alabama: WLAY 1450:

Requests site change to 34-40-38/87-43-15; to share on WVNA-1590 tower.

Tuscumbia, Alabama: WVNA 1590:

Requests daytime power reduction to 1,000 watts; to go non-directional night at 55 watts.

Savannah, Georgia: WBMQ 630:

OFF July 20th, transmitter damaged by lightning.

Savannah, Georgia: WJLG 900:

Requests STA to operate at approximately 4.6% power (200 watts) due to lightning damage.

New Castle, Indiana: WLTI 1550:

Requests STA to operate with daytime pattern at night at 25% power (62 watts) pending repairs to antenna system.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi: WORV 1580:

Granted STA 450/88 ND pending transmitter replacement.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania: WKGE 850: 

Requests STA 2,500/2,500 ND; to operate at 25% power non-directionally.  Has permit to move to 870 with 7,000 DA-D.

Scranton, Pennsylvania: WARM 590:

OFF July 17th, storm damage.

Ballinger, Texas: KRUN 1400: 

Requests STA to operate at 240 watts daytime.  Night power unaffected.

Parkersburg, West Virginia: WHNK 1450:

Requests site change to 39-18-57/81-31-38.

Waukesha, Wisconsin: WRRD 1510:

Requests power reduction to 250 watts ND; to remove two towers and go non-directional.

Friday, August 14, 2020

FCC items

Huntsville, Alabama: WTKI 1450

Requests permission to relocate tower 210m to 34-43-36/86-35-59.

Palm Springs, California: KCOD 1450

OFF Aug. 6th, financial distress.

Atlanta, Georgia: WBIN 640

Calls changed from WGST.

Hogansville, Georgia: WGST 720

Calls changed from WVCC.

Toccoa, Georgia: WNEG 630

Granted STA 3,500 ND-D; to increase STA power from 500 watts pending repairs to guy wire insulators.

Agana, Guam: KUSG 1350

OFF, combination of economic & technical issues.  The station could afford to operate at its old site, but the local government has displaced them.  If the station had more money, it could afford to relocate.

Deerfield, Illinois: WEEF 1430

Request to increase nighttime power to 1,020 watts dismissed.  Would have interfered with KZQZ St. Louis; WFOB Fostoria, Ohio; and KLO Ogden, Utah.  KZQZ has been deleted but the FCC is holding its frequency open for future applicants.  WEEF has thirty days to file a corrective amendment.

East Moline, Illinois: WDLM 960

Granted power reduction to 520/15 ND; to remove one tower and go non-directional.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: WMT 600

Granted STA to operate at reduced nighttime power due to tower collapse in Aug. 10th "derecho" storm.  Either 1,250 watts non-directional, or some higher power less than 5,000 watts "...while insuring that the radiated field strength does not exceed that authorized in any azimuth..."

Clinton, Iowa: KROS 1340

Granted STA for 300/300 ND to drop wire antenna 20 feet high.  Lost tower to Aug. 10th "derecho" storm.

New Orleans, Louisiana: WWWL 1350

Requests nighttime power reduction to 480 watts, non-directional -- to drop nighttime directional array.

Port Sulphur, Louisiana: KAGY 1510

Granted daytime power increase from 1,000 watts to 3,800.

Rumford, Maine: WIGY 780

Calls changed from WTME.

Orleans, Massachusetts: WFPB 1170

Granted power to 1,000 ND-D, 41-46-44/70-00-30.

St. Joseph, Michigan: WQYQ 1400

Calls changed from WSJM.

Duluth, Minnesota: WEBC 560

Requests STA to operate with nighttime pattern during the day, pending repairs.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: KFXN 690

Granted STA 120 watts daytime, non-directional.  Center tower of directional array collapsed, destroying feedline to another tower and leaving only one operational.

Gulfport, Mississippi: WGCM 1240

Correct coordinates to 30-25-45/89-01-08.

Hardin, Montana: KHDN 1230

OFF Aug. 1st pending equipment upgrades.

Portales, New Mexico: KSEL 1450

OFF Aug. 4th pending transmitter repairs.  Required annual tests showed excessive harmonic radiation.

Haverstraw, New York: WRCR 1700

Requests site change to 41-11-22/74-00-54; city from Ramapo.  Station has been operating from this tower since March 14th, 2019 under STA, at 25% power.

Horseheads, New York: WMTT 820

Calls changed from WWLZ.

Niagara Falls, New York: WEBR 1440

Calls changed from WJJL.

Watkins Glen, New York: WNGZ 1490

Calls changed from WRCE.

Rose Hill, North Carolina: WKOO 710

Calls changed from WEGG.

Columbus, Ohio: WMYC 1580

Calls changed from WVKO

San Juan, Puerto Rico: WIPR 940

Requests power reduction to 3,000/1,900 ND, 18-23-00/66-04-01; to share on WSKN-630 antenna.  Licensed facility destroyed in Hurricane Georges.

Providence, Rhode Island: WPPB 1290

Calls changed from WRPA.

Aberdeen, South Dakota: KKAA 1560

Permanently OFF, surrendered license.

Benton, Tennessee: WWRO 1540

Calls changed from WBIN.

Clarksville, Tennessee: WBQL 1400

Calls changed from WVWF.

Maryville, Tennessee: WJMP 1120

Calls changed from WVLZ.

Longview, Texas: KFRO 1370

Granted nighttime power reduction to 100 watts.  Vandals destroyed two towers of nighttime directional array; station decided it wasn't worth rebuilding them.

Shenandoah, Texas: KRCM 1380

Request for 22,000/50 DA-D, 30-07-40/95-57-35 (day), 29-39-55/95-45-28 (night) dismissed.  Nighttime service area doesn't intersect any of the daytime city-of-license contour, nor any of the city of Shenandoah.