Saturday, October 12, 2019

Last week's FCC AM items

Surprisingly, no AM stations changed call letters last week.

Fountain, Colorado: KCEG 780 & KJME 890:
Request STA to activate authorized new site, adjacent to a golf course in southeast Colorado Springs, with a temporary non-directional antenna pending completion of the permanent system. 500/37 ND on 780; 1,000/11 ND on 890; both at 38-49-08N/104-46-32W.

Jacksonville, Florida: WQOP 1460:
Granted STA for reduced daytime power of 5,000 watts pending transmitter repairs.

Orleans, Massachusetts: WFPB 1170:
Granted STA 25 watts non-directional daytime, from a temporary whip antenna at a residence. Lost licensed site.

Springfield, Massachusetts: WHLL 1450:
Correct coordinates to 42-06-33N/72-36-40W.

Lexington, Missouri: KLEX 1570:
OFF Sept. 8th, lightning damage to transmitter & antenna.

Anaconda, Montana: KANA 580:
OFF Oct. 1st. Lease expired, although licensee expects to renew at same site.

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania: WFYL 1180:
Requests STA 300 watts non-directional daytime only, 40-09-27/75-24-13. Lost lease. Temporary whip antenna on roof of firehouse.

Benton, Tennessee: WBIN 1540:
OFF Sept. 19th, lost site. Station to be sold.

Madison, Tennessee: WPLN 1430:
Requests STA 5,000/250 ND. Transmitter & antenna phasor damaged by lightning. (I didn't notice as I always listen to this station via WPLN-FM HD2.....)

Bellaire, Texas: KGOW 1560:
Granted STA 15,000 ND daytime, 29-54-05/95-48-15. To use nighttime antenna system during the day, due to flooding at separate daytime site. Application doesn't say so but I believe nighttime operation is unaffected.

Manassas, Virginia: WKDV 1460:
Requests power reduction to 125/63.3 ND; to remove four towers & go non-directional. Application says 1480KHz but that's a typo, information elsewhere in the application confirms WKDV is remaining on 1460.

Pacific, Washington: KZIZ 1560:
Requests site change to 47-18-00/122-11-17 & power reduction to 3,000/430 DA-N.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

FCC AM items late September & early October

Phoenix, Arizona: KASA 1540:
Granted STA for power to be determined & 100-foot end-fed antenna at existing site. Lost most of site. Power will be adjusted to meet protection requirements of previous directional antenna.

Coral Gables, Florida: WQOS 1080:
Calls changed from WKAT to WOCN; then, ten days later, changed again to WQOS.

Leesburg, Florida: WLBE 790:
Granted STA for 250 watts non-directional at night, due to equipment failure. Daytime facilities not affected.

Miami, Florida: WKAT 1450:
Calls changed from WOCN.

Orlovista, Florida: WRSO 810:
Granted power reduction to 2,000/21, directional daytime only, 28-34-12/81-26-00.

Atlanta, Georgia: WYZE 1480:
Granted STA for ten watts to a 3.6m (12-foot) whip antenna w/loading coil, 33-42-16/84-22-40. Site is a church at Sawtell Ave. & Jonesboro Rd.. Lost access to licensed site.

Madison, Georgia: WYTH 1250:
OFF Sept. 6th. Station has been sold, and equipment upgrades are necessary to comply with FCC regulations.

Boise, Idaho: KFXD 630:
Granted STA for "Enhanced AMC" modulation. See previous story for details.

Elmhurst, Illinois: WCKG 1530:
OFF Aug. 20th. Road construction damaged ground system. Transmitter is located at junction of I-88 and the Tri-State Tollway.

Waukon, Iowa: KMRV 1160:
Granted STA for 250 watts to a 1/2 wave dipole at the KNEI-FM tower, 43-18-28/91-27-18. Lost site.

South Paris, Maine: WPNO 1450:
Calls changed from WOXO.

Baltimore, Maryland: WBMD 750:
Granted site change to 39-18-42/76-29-29, 800 watts non-directional daytime only. Lost site; will share antenna of co-owned WFSI-860.

Quitman, Mississippi: WQMS 1500:
OFF July 12th, lost site. Operated briefly from temporary long-wire antenna.

Valdese, North Carolina: WSVM 1490:
Granted site change to 35-44-45/81-35-39.

Lajas, Puerto Rico: WBSG 1510:
Granted STA 500 watts non-directional, 18-02-11/67-04-58 due to lingering hurricane damage.

Aberdeen, South Dakota: KKAA 1560:
OFF Sept. 18th for financial reasons.

Huron, South Dakota: KOKK 1210:
Granted STA for antenna parameters out of tolerance, probably due to high water levels.

Yankton, South Dakota: WNAX 570:
Granted STA for 1,250 watts non-directional at night due to flood damage.

Benton, Tennessee: WBIN 1540:
OFF Sept. 19th, lost site.

Dayton, Tennessee: WALI 1280:
Calls changed from WRHA.

Bellaire, Texas: KGOW 1560:
OFF Sept. 18th, daytime transmitter site flooded by storm Imelda.

Boerne, Texas: KBRN 1500:
Granted STA for 225 watts to slant-wire antenna at K280GR translator site, 29-50-26/98-49-32.

Galveston, Texas: KGBC 1540:
Requests STA for 1,000/65 ND, 29-18-55/94-48-19. Two towers had to be dismantled due to rust.

Mt. Jackson, Virginia: WAMM 790:
Calls changed from WSVG.

Woodstock, Virginia: WSVG 1230:
Calls changed from WAMM.

Rawlins, Wyoming: KRAL 1240:
OFF Sept. 25th, weather-related antenna damage.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

FCC AM items early September

FM items are now showing up in a different place in the FCC database -- AM items aren't there yet -- so I've been missing the AM updates.. Here they are:

Phoenix, Arizona: KASA 1540:
Requests STA for unspecified reduced power to a 100-foot wire antenna 25 feet high, located adjacent to the licensed site. Licensed site has been sold.

Santa Barbara, California: KCLU 1340:
Requests power increase to 740 watts day/700 watts night.
Jacksonville, Florida: WZAZ 1400:
OFF, transmitter returned to manufacturer for repairs.
Pinellas Park, Florida: WHBO 1040:
Granted STA for 400 watts non-directional, daytime only to 220-foot wire antenna at 28-00-43/82-29-52. Unable to make authorized new antenna system operate properly; seeking a different site.
Atlanta, Georgia: WYZE 1480:
Requests STA for 10 watts non-directional at 33-42-16/84-22-40. Lost access to licensed site.
Calhoun, Georgia: WEBS 1030:
OFF, in foreclosure.
Douglasville, Georgia: WXJO 1120:
OFF, programming agreement terminated.
Toccoa, Georgia: WNEG 630:
Requests STA for reduced power of 2,500 watts (daytime only) due to suspected insulator problems.
Boise, Idaho: KFXD 630:
Requests STA to test "Enhanced AMC" technology, daytime only for one week beginning tomorrow. (Sept. 15th) Mode would involve up to 150% of authorized carrier power at very low modulation levels, and positive modulation levels up to 150%.
Pocatello, Idaho: KHLY 1440:
Calls changed from KPTO.
Presque Isle, Maine: WEGP 1390:
OFF, fire damage.
Orleans, Massachusetts: WFPB 1170:
Granted STA for 25 watts non-directional (presume daytime only) at a residence in South Orleans, pending approval of permanent new site elsewhere.
Worcester, Massachusetts: WCRN 830:
Requests STA to use nighttime facilities during the day. Lightning damage to pattern controller.
Battle Creek, Michigan: WFAT 930:
Calls changed from WTOU.
Portage, Michigan: WTOU 1560:
Calls changed from WNWN.
Clarksdale, Mississippi: WROX 1450:
OFF, tower struck by lightning.
Great Falls, Montana: KEIN 1310:
OFF, station in receivership.
Pineville, North Carolina: WGIV 1370:
Requests power reduction to 5,000 watts daytime/67 watts night, non-directional at 35-13-04/80-53-36.
Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania: WHYF 720:
Requests site change to 40-03-51/77-03-34.
Boerne, Texas: KBRN 1500:
Requests STA for 225 watts (presumably non-directional daytime only) at K280GR translator site 29-50-26/98-49-32. Authorized site no longer financially viable.
Lumberton, Texas: KHTW 1300:
Calls changed from KLLS.
Norfolk, Virginia: WJOI 1230:
Granted STA for 157 watts day & night, non-directional.
Kirkland, Washington: KARR 1460:
Requests power reduction to 740 watts daytime, 19 watts night, non-directional at 47-41-47/122-09-51.

Friday, August 23, 2019

FCC AM items 23 Aug. 2019

Altamonte Springs, Florida: WDYZ 660:
Calls changed from WORL.
Orlando, Florida: WORL 950:
Calls changed from WDYZ.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

FCC AM items 22 August 2019

Marianna, Florida: WTYS 1340:
Granted use of shorter tower (damaged by Hurricane Michael) and power increase from 540 watts to 780 to compensate.
St. Louis, Missouri: WEW 770:
Refiled (and granted) power increase to 10,000/200 DA-2, 38-38-33/90-01-50.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

FCC AM items 21 Aug. 2019

Milton, Florida: WTKE 1490:
OFF August 19th, loss of program source.
Hilo, Hawaii: KHLO 850:
Granted STA to operate at reduced power of 1.7kw due to transmitter problems.
Milan, New Mexico: KEMR 1090:
OFF Aug. 20th pending move to Moriarty.
Dayton, Ohio: WING 1410:
Granted STA to operate 1.25kw non-directional day & night due to lightning damage.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

FCC AM items 20 Aug. 2019

Hesperia, California: KMPS 910:
OFF Aug. 16th; sold.
Las Vegas, Nevada: KDWN 720:
Requests site change to 36-16-04/115-02-42 and power reduction to 25,000/7,500 DA-N. To move 23km northwest and diplex into the KXST-1140 antenna system. KDWN mentions encroaching residential development as one reason for the change.