Friday, November 20, 2020

Denver, Colorado: KLDC 1220:
Requests power reduction to 500/14 DA-D, 39-50-40/104-57-11.  Lost site; moving to KLZ-560/KLVZ-810 site.

Atlanta, Georgia: WTZA 1010:
Granted STA to operate at half power (25kw) daytime due to "transmitter issues".

Bozeman, Montana: KYWL 1490:
Requests STA 120/120 ND, 45-46-15/111-13-26; interim facility using a tower from defunct KGVW-640's array.

New York City: WWRL 1600:
Granted STA 6,250/1,250 ND pending replacement of tower damaged in storm.

Greensboro, North Carolina: WKEW 1400:
Requests power to 760/760 ND, 36-03-42/79-47-35; to share on the antenna currently shared by WPET-950 & WEAL-1510.

Cayey, Puerto Rico: WLEY 1080:
OFF Oct. 31st, transmitter failure.

Friday, November 13, 2020

FCC items

Kenai, Alaska: KABN 960:
New station on the air, 1,000/1,000 ND, 60-34-02/151-07-57.  Former site of defunct KZXX-980.

Sylvania, Georgia: WSYL 1490:
OFF Oct. 28th pending sale.

Jennings, Louisiana: KJEF 1290:
Calls changed (back) from KKRC.

Everett, Massachusetts: WKOX 1430:
Requests power reduction to 2,500/26 ND, 42-26-09/70-59-35; to share on the WROL-950 antenna.

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico: KDSK 1240:
Requests site change to 35-00-40/106-39-51.

Peralta, New Mexico: New-160574 1100:
Requests power reduction to 800 watts ND, daytime only, 35-00-41/106-39-53.  (essentially the same site as KDSK-1240, see above.)

Edenton, North Carolina: WZBO 1260:
Site changed to 36-04-46/76-36-00.

Salisbury, North Carolina: WSTP 1490:
Site changed to 35-40-44/80-30-23; sharing on the WSAT-1280 tower.

Butler, Pennsylvania: WBUT 1050:
Power changed to 500/62 ND, 40-53-51/79-53-22.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: WWNL 1080:
Granted STA for 12,500 ND-D; to operate non-directionally at 25% power pending repairs to directional antenna system.

West Warwick, Rhode Island: WWRI 1450:
Calls changed (back) from WPVD.

Crane, Texas: KXOI 810:
OFF Oct. 1st.  Sale of station fell through, and failed buyers took the transmitter with them...

Friday, November 06, 2020

FCC items

Birmingham, Alabama: WJOX 690:
Correct coordinates to 33-27-02/86-55-19.

Tempe, Arizona: KQFN 1580:
Requests power reduction to 24,000/290 ND, 33-23-21/111-59-53.

Brunswick, Georgia: WBGA 1490:
Requests power increase to 1,000/1,000 ND; to install shorter tower and increase power from 600 watts.

Decatur, Indiana: WJZI 1540:
Granted STA for 151-foot long wire ten feet above ground, 62.5 watts (25% power) or less.

Golden Meadow, Louisiana: KLEB 1600:
Granted STA 1,250/62.5 ND or less; Hurricane Zeta damaged two of three towers.

Port Huron, Michigan: WPHM 1380:
Granted STA to reduce night power from 5,000 watts to 1,500.  Directional pattern monitoring point is out of tolerance.  It may be a monitor point problem (not an antenna problem) but all other monitor points in that null are in Canada and inaccessible because of COVID-19 border restrictions.

Manchester, New Hampshire: WGAM 1250:
Power reduced to 670/100 ND, 43-00-38/71-30-15.

Moriarty, New Mexico: KEMR 1080:
Requests reinstatement of permit to move from 1090 Milan, 400 watts ND daytime only, 30-00-33/105-54-59.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina: WSJS 600:
Requests STA for 1,250/1,250 ND pending replacement of collapsed tower; granted.

Cleveland, Ohio: WHKW 1220:
Granted STA for 5,000 watts day & night pending delivery of repair parts for main transmitter.

Columbia, South Carolina: WPCO 1230:
OFF Oct. 26th, damage to transmission line which in turn damaged transmitter.

Friday, October 30, 2020

FCC & CRTC items

Fort Payne, Alabama: WFPA 1400:
Granted STA 200/200 ND, 34-26-32/85-43-17.  Temporary 167' wire antenna.  Tower destroyed in storm, and lost lease on site.  However, this has already been dismissed.

Fairbanks, Alaska: KCBF 820:
Granted site change to 64-48-31/147-29-39.

Tempe, Arizona: KQFN 1580:
Requests STA 7,000/95 ND, 33-23-21/111-59-53.  Lost site.  Wishes to share on the KSUN tower.

Culver City, California: KWIF 1500:
Requests power to 400/200 DA-2, 33-59-11/118-23-19.  Two towers, only 17m tall -- my ham antenna was bigger!

Pompano Beach, Florida: WHSR 980:
Pompano Beach, Florida: WWNN 1470:
Requests STAs for 350/350 ND and 5,000/625 ND respectively; to temporarily operate non-directionally from two towers of the existing WWNN six-tower array.

Lake Charles, Louisiana: KXZZ 1580:
OFF Aug. 27th, Hurricane Laura.

Gladstone, Missouri: KMVG 890:
Granted power to 1,000 DA-D, 39-03-49/94-30-37; to relocate to site of co-owned KDMR-1190 & slightly increase power from 960 watts.

Whitney, Nevada: KLSQ 870:
Requests STA 1,000/430 ND; to operate at reduced daytime power.  Night facility not affected.  Granted.

Fredericton, New Brunswick: CKHJ 1260:
Granted reduction of night power from 10,000 watts DA to 32 watts ND.

Derry, New Hampshire: WDER 1320:
Requests power to 10,000/400 DA-2, 42-51-59/71-17-14.

New York, New York: WFME 1560:
Requests STA 50,000/50,000 DA-1; to use night facilities 24/7.  Survey company broke cables for antenna mode changes.  Granted.

Lillington, North Carolina: WLLN 1370:
OFF Oct. 28th pending repairs to equipment & tower fence.

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania: WFYL 1180:
OFF Mar. 23rd.  Lost lease; vandalised four times at temporary site.

Clarksville, Tennessee: WBQL 1400:
Requests power to 380/380 ND, 36-32-31/87-19-32; to share on the WKFN-540 tower.

Fairfax, Virginia: WDCT 1310:
Granted STA 1,000/500 DA-2; to operate at 20% power daytime on auxiliary transmitter.  Main transmitter damaged by power surge.  Night facility not affected.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

FCC items

Newport, Arkansas: KNBY 1280:
OFF Oct. 16th, vandalized.

Monterey, California: KIDD 630:
Granted STA 300/250 ND, 36-36-56/121-53-53; to share on the KNRY-1240 tower.  Lost site.

Sylvania, Georgia: WSYL 1490:
Granted STA for 20 watts fulltime pending transmitter repairs.

Madisonville, Kentucky: WTTL 1310:
Daytime power reduced to 1kw.

Butte, Montana: KXTL 1370:
Daytime power reduced to 1kw.

Derry, New Hampshire: WDER 1320:
Requests nighttime power reduction from 1kw to 600 watts.

Ambridge, Pennsylvania: WMBA 1460:
Granted power reduction to 120/110 ND; to remove two towers & go non-directional fulltime.

Lynchburg, Virginia: WLLL 930:
Granted STA for unspecified reduced power, "Require Equipment"??

Saturday, October 17, 2020

FCC items

Gadsden, Alabama: WAAX 570: 
Requests STA to operate at 25% power at night, non-directionally.

Jacksonville, Florida: WZAZ 1400:
OFF Aug. 19th, temporary antenna damaged.

Pearl City, Hawaii: KHXM 1370:
Calls changed from KUPA

Wellington, Kansas: KLEY 1130:
Winfield, Kansas: KKLE 1550:
OFF Aug. 26th, financial issues & studios seized by landlord.

Sulphur, Louisiana: KEZM 1310:
OFF Aug. 27th, antenna destroyed by Hurricane Laura.

Lewiston, Maine: WIGY 1240:
Calls changed from WEZR.

Rumford, Maine: WEZR 780:
Calls changed from WIGY.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: KFXN 690:
Requests power increase to 1,700/5 ND, 45-01-24/93-22-53.  Lost a tower, which will not be replaced -- but no longer needs to protect KUSD Vermillion, S. Dak.  (which no longer exists)

Flowood, Mississippi: WZQK 1240:
Calls changed from WPBQ.

Gladstone, Missouri: KMVG 890:
Requests power increase to 1kw, 39-03-49/94-30-37.

Bedford, Pennsylvania: WRAX-1600:
Calls changed from WAYC

Charlottesville, Virginia: WCHV 1260:
Granted power reduction to 800 watts non-directional daytime only; to drop directional antenna, and cease nighttime operation altogether.

Parkersburg, West Virginia: WVAM 1450:
Calls changed from WHNK.

Jackson, Wyoming: KSGT 1340:
Granted STA 500/500 ND to temporary longwire antenna, 100' long at 25' above ground.  43-27-43/110-45-10.  Owner of licensed site unable to maintain diplexing gear.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

FCC items

Kingsley, Michigan: WJNL 1210:
Requests power reduction from 50,000 watts to 10,000.

Sparks, Nevada: KBZZ 1270:
Requests daytime power reduction from 13,000 watts to 10,000.

Wendell, North Carolina: WETC 540:
Power increased to 4,400 watts at night.  (daytime power remains 10,000)

Winner, South Dakota: KWYR 1260:
Request to correct coordinates to 43-23-08/99-54-38.

Big Spring, Texas: KBYG 1400:
OFF Sept. 8th, transmitter destroyed by lightning.

Moneta, Virginia: WSLK 880:
Requests STA for 130 watts non-directional daytime only to temporary longwire antenna.  Licensed tower site sold.  Transmitter itself is on a different adjacent property 400 feet away.  It will remain there, and the temporary antenna will be there as well.