Friday, January 12, 2007

More DX tests

Sorry if this is a bit messy. I spent about 20 minutes working on a decent post, then bumped one wrong key -- and it replaced ALL my work witih a spuriuos HTML tag. Without saving ANYTHING in the undo buffer. All gone. No, I'm not happy...

WFIF-1500, Milford CT:
12:01-12:11am EST Saturday, January 27th.
5kw, directional.
Voice IDs, various tones.

Send .wav or .mp3 files if possible.
Reports to:

KRSN-1490, Los Alamos NM:
1:00-1:10, 2:00-2:10, 3:00-3:10am MST Sunday, January 28th.
640 watts, non-directional, short folded unipole antenna.
Voice & Morse IDs and sweep tones.

Send .wav or .mp3 files if possible.
Reports to:

WMRO-1560, Gallatin TN:
1:00-2:00am CST Monday, January 15th.
1kw non-directional.
WMRO's normal music format will air, with local commercials replaced with Morse IDs and sweep tones.

Reports to:

Due to pressing business QSLs may be slow in arriving; be patient.

WOKY-920, Milwaukee:
Kent Winrich advises verifications for this test, run last year, have not been forgotten. Again, be patient.

More information on DX tests at this site.

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