Thursday, December 13, 2007

Northernmost radio station is no more

What was likely the northernmost broadcast station in the world has shut down its transmitter.

CHAR, 105.9 FM in Alert, Nunavut, Canada has asked the Canadian government to cancel their license, and the government has done so. The official in charge told the government the station has been off the air since February 2006. A web search suggests CHAR has become a cable-only operation. The authorized location of their tower was at 82-27-12N.

I believe the northernmost radio station is now either Qaanaq Radiunga (93.5 FM) or KNR (95.0 FM) (link is in Greenlandic) at Qaanaq, Greenland. Qaanaq lies at 76-31-50N, well north of Canada's northernmost surviving station, CBIL 105.1 at Resolute, Nunavut.

(About KNR, in English)


Doug Smith said...

I've since been advised the Norwegian village of Longyearbyen on Svalbard Island is the site of a NRK radio transmitter on 1485kHz. Longyearbyen is at 78-13N. There are likely NRK FM relay transmitters at Ny Alesund, also on Svalbard, and at 78-53N. I guess Qaanaq will have to settle for 3rd place!

Anonymous said...

What is the most Southern broadcast radio station?

Doug Smith said...

There's a station (104.5 FM) at McMurdo Station, 77-51S.

I have heard rumors of a station at South Pole Station (90S) but can't verify that on the Internet. I have found documents calling for radio silence at the Pole (apparently it's a good place for VERY sensitive radio astronomy tests) so it could be the scientists would really rather there was no station down there!