Thursday, August 21, 2008

AM stations going away in Canada

Four Canadian AM stations have applied to move to FM:

Athabasca, Alberta: CKBA-850: to 94.1FM, 9kw/54m
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia: CFDR-780: to 92.9FM, 100kw/196m
Guelph, Ontario: CJOY-1460: to 95.7FM, 30kw/54m
Sudbury, Ontario: CIGM-790: to 93.5FM, 100kw/204m


N4LB said...

I know this doesn't have anything to do with the topic but couldn't e-mail you. Do you know of a scanner that will work with the Motorola LTR Passport system the county has in place? I understand that no one makes one yet that will work on that system.
N4LB in Springfield

Doug Smith said...

Hmmm, I wonder what happened when you tried to email? To the "" address?

I'm afraid I know very little about digital scanners. Isn't APCO-25 the only system that's scannable?

I'll ask around & see if I can learn anything...

Doug Smith said...

I've got some comments from some of MT's scanner types:

From Larry Van Horn:
LTR Passport can not be trunk tracked with a scanner, only monitored conventionally.

I have seen it mentioned that using a discriminator tapped scanner running through a data slicer to an PC,
using LTRDump/LTRTrunk software, LTR Passport can be trunk tracked on the PC, but I have not experimented
with that option personally since I have no LTR Passport systems in this area.

73 de Larry

From Dan Veeneman:


It is true that there is no consumer-level scanner available on the
market that can track an LTR Passport system. If your reader is sure
that the system is, in fact, LTR Passport, it may be possible to track
it using an external PC and "LTRTrunk" software.

There is some financial motivation for LTR operators to switch over to
Passport, since it requires that all radios on the system be uniquely
identified - and therefore billable. Because radios on a plain LTR
system are essentially anonymous, customers could (and do!) buy their
own radios and run them on the system without the operator knowing, and
therefore not getting charged for the extra radio usage.



Hope that helps!