Tuesday, September 16, 2008

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed calls in the recent past:

COLO Denver 950 KRWZ from KKFN
FLOR Sweetwater 880 WZAB (new station)
GEOR Clayton 1400 WNGA (new station)
HAWA Hilo 620 KHNU from KIPA
IOWA Waterloo 850 KXGM from KWOF
KANS Iola 1370 KIOL from KALN
MAIN Monticello 710 WXME from WCXH
MASS Boston 1150 WWDJ from WTTT
MICH Ada 1680 WPRR from WDSS
MINN Sauk Rapids 540 WMIN from WXYG
MISSI Laurel 890 WHJA from WEEZ
NEVA Las Vegas 670 KMZQ from KBTB
NEWH Berlin 1490 WKDR from WRTN
NEWJ Hackensack 970 WNYM from WTTT
NEWJ Hackensack 970 WTTT from WWDJ
NEWM Albuquerque 1550 KQNM from KKJY
NEWM Milan 1100 KKJY from KQNM
NEWY Middletown 1400 WZCC (new station)
NEWY Rochester 990 WDCX from WRCI
OREG Bend 1340 KBNW (new station)
PENN Harrisburg 1400 WHGB from WTCY
PENN McKeesport 1360 WMNY from WPTT
TENN Rockwood 580 WYHM from WOFE
TEXA Burleson 1460 KCLE from KHFX
TEXA Cleburne 1140 KHFX from KCLE
WEST Huntington 1470 WRWB from WEMM
WISC Hudson 630 WREY from WDGY
WISC Hudson 740 WDGY from WMIN

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