Thursday, November 13, 2008

Changes granted to AM stations

Black Forest, Colorado: 1120KHz:
KLIM granted move from Limon.
Power to increase to 17,500 watts daytime, 3 watts night, directional, same pattern day & night. Move towers to 38-50-21N/103-51-28W

I wonder if that's a typo and should be 104-51-28W?
103-51-28W is near Punkin Center in Lincoln County, Colorado, about 55 miles east-southeast of Black Forest and due east of Colorado Springs.

104-51-28W is roughly midway between Black Forest and Colorado Springs - the two communities are only about 15 miles apart.

New Hartford, New York: 1150KHz:
WRUN granted move from Utica.
Actually, the towers aren't moving. However, the power will be reduced from 5,000 watts daytime/1,000 watts nighttime to 4,000 day, 370 night, and one of the five towers will be removed. And, the city-of-license is changing.

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