Monday, January 12, 2009

AM station changes: major & minor

Goodlettsville, Tennessee: 830KHz:
WQZQ requests move from 1550KHz in Clarksville, Tennessee.
2,000 watts daytime only, non-directional.

Goodlettsville is a Nashville suburb.

This station ran a ground conductivity test on this frequency last summer, reportedly using one of the towers of WPLN-1430. The coordinates for 830 are very similar to, but not quite identical to, those of WPLN. I suspect WQZQ plans to use one of WPLNs towers.

Humble-South Houston, Texas: 1180KHz:
KGOL granted permission to increase night power to 5,000 watts.

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Doug Smith said...

It turns out they do, in fact, plan to use the northmost tower of WPLN's nighttime directional array.