Friday, February 13, 2009

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed calls recently:

ALAB Priceville 1310 WKZD CC from WQAH
CALI Bakersfield 1410 KERI CC from KERN
CALI Lompoc 1410 KSMA CC from KUHL
CALI San Diego 1240 KNSN CC from KSON
CALI San Francisco 1550 KFRC CC from KYCY
CALI Santa Maria 1440 KUHL CC from KINF
CALI Wasco-Greenacres 1180 KERN CC from KERI
COLO Keystone 1320 KWLW CC for NS
COLO Silt 1490 KNAM CC for NS
FLOR Dunedin 820 WWBA CC from WHBO
FLOR Pinellas Park 1040 WHBO CC from WWBA
KENT Cannonsburg 1080 WYHY CC from WOKT
MICH Greenville 1380 WGLM CC from WSCG
MICH South Haven 940 WCSY CC from WHIT
NEBR Bellevue 1180 KOIL CC from KYDZ
NEBR Plattsmouth 1020 KMMQ CC from KOIL
NEWH Exeter 1540 WXEX CC from WGIP
NEWY Middletown 1400 WYNY CC from WMJQ
NEWY Ontario 1330 WMJQ CC from WYNY
NORTHC Fair Bluff 1480 WWKO CC from WSRC
NORTHC Jacksonville 910 WAVQ CC from WSTK
OREG Salem 1390 KVXX CC from KKSN
WEST Hurricane 1110 WIHY CC from WOKU
WISC Madison 1550 WHIT CC from WTUX

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