Thursday, February 05, 2009

Congress delays DTV transition

Congress has passed legislation which will delay the forced shutdown of analog TV until June 12th. It has not yet been signed by President Obama but the President has called for the legislation so I think you can assume he'll sign it.

The legislation permits stations to leave their analog transmitters on past February 17th. It does not require them to do so. Nearly 700 stations have already filed notice of intent to shut off their analog transmitters on February 17th regardless of this legislation.


Anonymous said...

Still, the fastest way to loss viewers, and income, is to turn off one's transmitter!

Sheldon Swartz said...

People had TWO YEARS to adjust, and tens of thousands of converter vouchers have been unused by those who received them. I would have shut down ALL the analog xmtrs. Why must we keep placating slackers and idiots?