Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Localism: a more concise post

This is a hopefully more concise version of the previous post.

The FCC proposes to:
- Consider any application that would cover a metropolitan area to be licensed to the metropolitan area when deciding whether to give it a "first service to the community" preference.
- Provide a preference in licensing to Native American tribes, if the proposed station would be located on tribal lands and at least half its coverage would be over tribal territory.
- To require AM applicants to build facilties that would cover as many people as they promised when they won the permit -- to prohibit downgrades.
- To prohibit filing of "speculative" and incomplete AM applications, and to limit one applicant to five applications in any given filing window.
- To allow partial settlements among mutually-exclusive applicants, as long as such settlements make at least one application grantable.
- To prohibit newly-licensed FM translators from moving between the commercial and non-commercial bands until they've been on the air at least two years.

Among other, more obscure proposals.

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