Friday, June 05, 2009

Someone not really familiar with the idea...

Here's an interesting application filed with the FCC the other day...

Here's another one.

The same woman in Michigan seems to have filed to move one expired license from La Grange, Indiana to Detroit and run 300 kilowatts horizontal, 3000 kilowatts vertical (but 100/10000 kilowatts maximum?) to an antenna of unspecified height at an unspecified location.

Another expired license, she proposed to convert to an auxiliary backup transmitter for a non-existent station in Belleville, Mich. This one would run 2000kw horizontal, 10000kw vertical.

It probably won't surprise you to learn both applications have been dismissed.

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Rob (in EN82) said...

Too bad..... I would really have loved to see how a ten-megawatt FM would have gotten out on trops and aircraft scatter!

Also, the way things are going here, I would not be surprised to see owners of Detroit stations applying for major changes to move them to La Grange ;-)