Monday, October 26, 2009

Major AM change granted

Montreal, Quebec: 1410KHz:
CJWI granted frequency change from 1610KHz.
Power to increase to 10,000 watts day and night;
transmitter to relocate to 45-22-01N/73-37-23W.

Probably to be directional with different patterns day & night, though it doesn't say so in the decision. The 1410 frequency was previously used by ethnic station CFMB, which moved to 1280 years ago.


Scptt Fybush said...

The new 1410 will be DA-1, diplexed with CJMS-1040. The details are in the original application, which was linked from the decision.

Doug Smith said...

(Scptt??) (grin)

I really need to get in the habit of pulling those PDFs down. They tend to be more than a little on the large side -- a bit difficult with this slow connection.