Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New AM station applications amended

Easton, California: 1150KHz:
Application amended
from 10,000w day/700w night, directional, different patterns day & night, 36-51-53/119-34-04
to 5,000w day/260w night, directional only at night.
Two sites: 36-51-18/119-38-00 day; 36-46-10/119-45-01 night.

Mesquite, Nevada: 1250KHz:
Application amended
from 2,500w day/750w night, directional only at night, 36-46-17/114-06-26
to 5,000w day/480w night, directional day & night with different patterns, 36-48-26/114-02-19.

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