Thursday, February 25, 2010

AM station frequency changes requested

Pensacola, Florida: 780KHz:
WPNN requests frequency change from 790.
Power from 1,000 watts daytime, 66 watts night, non-directional
to 3,000 watts daytime only, directional
Site to 30-31-05N/87-04-56W, very roughly 15mi. ENE of old site.

Isleta, New Mexico: 1510KHz:
KABR requests frequency change from 1500 and move from Alamo Community.
Power from 1,000 watts daytime only
to 5,000 watts daytime, 25 watts night, 4,200 watts critical hours*
Site is just south of Albuquerque.

* "Critical Hours" are the two hours right after sunrise, and the two hours right before sunset.

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Doug Smith said...

The WPNN frequency change has been granted.