Friday, March 26, 2010

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed calls recently:

Birmingham, Alabama 690 WJOX from WSPZ
Dothan, Alabama 700 WCNF from WEEL
Pike Road, Alabama 1210 WTXK from WQLS
Cathedral City, Calif. 1340 KWXY from KPTR
Palm Springs, Calif. 1450 KPTR from KWXY
Twin Falls, Idaho 1270 KPDA from KTFI
New Castle, Indiana 1550 WLTI from WMDH
Boone, Iowa 1260 KTIA from KFFF
Silver Spring, Md. 1050 WTOP from WZAA
Everett, Massachusetts 1430 WKOX from WXKS
Newton, Massachusetts 1200 WXKS from WKOX
Syracuse, New York 1260 WSKO from WNSS
Raleigh, North Carolina 850 WKIX from WRBZ
Shelby, North Carolina 1390 WOHS from WADA
Cincinnati, Ohio 1480 WDJO from WCIN
Huntingdon, Penna. 1150 WLLI from WHUN
Sioux Falls, S. Dakota 1520 KZOY from KSQB
Cookeville, Tennessee 780 WPTN from WHUB
Cookeville, Tennessee 1400 WHUB from WPTN
Humboldt, Tennessee 1190 WHUN from WLLI
Spring City, Tennessee 970 WRHA from WXQK

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