Monday, May 17, 2010

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed callsigns recently:

Robertsdale, Ala. 1000 WBZR from WNSI
Fresno, California 940 KYNO from KWRU
Fresno, California 1300 KWRU from KYNO
Apopka, Florida 1520 WBZW from WHIM
Coral Gables, Fla. 1080 WHIM from WMCU
Jacksonville, Fla. 1320 WJNJ from WBOB
Augusta, Ga. 1230 WEZO from WNRR
Springhill, La. 1460 KTKC from KBSF
Kentwood, Michigan 1140 WVHF from WJNZ
Ontario, New York 1330 WDRE from WMJQ
Toledo, Ohio 1560 WWYC from WTOD
Milford, Penna. 1450 WMJQ from WDRE
Nanticoke, Penna. 730 WZMF from WNAK*
Conway, S.C. 1050 WHSC from WIQB
Hartsville, S.C. 1450 WTOD from WHSC
Roanoke, Virginia 910 WFJX from WWWR
Charleston, W. Va. 950 WBES from WVTS
Charleston, W. Va. 1240 WVTS from WBES

* The WZMF call always gets my attention... Growing up, the WZMF tower was about a half-mile from my house, beaconing away with its red tower warning light. (and 3,000 watts of underground rock music)

The suburban house that held the station is still there. But all it holds are a bunch of two-way base stations, and backups for what ceased to be WZMF 98.3 some 30 years ago, and its sister station on 106.9.

To my knowledge those calls have made another stop, somewhere in Illinois, on the way from suburban Milwaukee to an AM station in Pennsylvania.

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