Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nashville flood & radio

The recent flooding in Nashville affected a number of radio stations. At the height of the disaster, these were some of the stations off the air:

790 WQSV
810 WMGC
980 WYFN
1160 WCRT
1300 WNQM
1470 WVOL
1510 WLAC (for just a few minutes, probably power outage)
1550 WQZQ (Clarksville)

At this writing, all are back except WYFN and WQZQ.

Here's a video showing the effects of the Nashville flood on WYFN. I expect it will be some time before this station is back on the air! The video doesn't show the condition of the towers. (if they've been damaged it will take even longer)

WYFN and WQZQ are located on the Cumberland River. WQZQ probably suffered similar damage. They already have a permit to move from 1550 to 830, change the city of license to Goodlettsville, and use one of the WPLN-1430 towers. I strongly suspect the Clarksville 1550 facility will not be rebuilt.

While WSM-650's transmission facility was not damaged, their studios in the Opryland Hotel were flooded. WSM is currently using studios at the transmitter. This is likely to continue for some time.

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