Tuesday, July 27, 2010

AM station technical changes denied & license cancelled

Kaufman, Texas: 950KHz:
KTON application to move from 940 dismissed & station deleted.
Station wished to reduce daytime power from 1,000 watts to 600;
increase nighttime power from 5 watts to 100;
change frequency from 940 to 950;
change city from Belton to Kaufman;
move transmitter site from 31-32-07N/97-24-46W to 32-52-35N/96-18-37W.

Belton, the old site, is roughly midway between Waco and Austin in Central Texas.

Kaufman, the proposed new site, is roughly 25 miles east-southeast of Dallas.

Not only has the proposed move been dismissed, but the KTON license has been canceled. I think the station remained off the air for over a year.

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