Thursday, July 29, 2010

Broadcast auction winners announced

Back in February, the FCC announced an auction of broadcast permits. Thirteen FM permits, two FM translator permits, and three AM permits were to be on the block.

One AM winner, one FM translator winner, and eleven FM winners have been announced:

AM 640 Terre Haute, Indiana: Birach Broadcasting Corp. $ 53,000
FM 101.5 Greenwood, Arkansas: JEM Broadcasting Co. $165,750
FM 105.3 Durango, Colorado: KRJ Co. $ 15,000
FM 98.9 Steamboat Springs, Colorado: Ramsey Leasing $ 55,000
FM 101.1 Bloomfield, Indiana: Mid-America Radio Group $ 22,000
FM 104.5 Traverse City, Michigan: The MacDonald Bcstg. Co. $224,000
FM 98.9 Rosendale, New York: Hawkeye Communications $324,350
FM 93.7 North Madison, Ohio: South Shore Broadcasting $276,250
FM 98.1 Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico: Amor Radio Group Corp. $ 16,250
FM 107.7 Idalou, Texas: Ramar Communications $ 75,000
FM 102.5 Shawsville, Virginia: George S. Flinn Jr.* $153,000
FM 98.9 Two Rivers, Wisconsin: Tri-County Radio $ 31,850

(FM translator:)
FM 104.1 Coyote, California: Educational Media Fdn. $ 31,000

* Mr. Flinn is a Republican candidate for the U.S. House from West Tennessee. One of his primary opponents has used the format of one of his existing stations as a campaign issue.

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