Friday, February 10, 2012

FM multistep moves: abuse of process?

The FCC has asked Radio Power, the licensee of W250BN West Allis, Wisconsin, to respond to a list of inquiries regarding the station's six-step long-haul move from Beloit. The questions: (paraphrased by me, as the originals are quite lengthy!)

1. When the application was filed for each of the five steps, did Radio Power have "reasonable assurance" that the specified site would be available?

2. How long did W250BN broadcast from each of these sites?

3. Which station was rebroadcast from each site? Did W250BN have consent from the originating station?

4. Was the station silent for more than 30 days when licensed to any of these sites?

5. What city does W250BN ultimately intend to serve, and who does it intend to rebroadcast?

(DS: the obvious answer to half of this last question is Milwaukee. Who they intend to rebroadcast I have no idea.)

The five steps:

- 98.9 Clinton, Wis.: 42-34-26N/88-52-20W, on the premises of Little Limestone Inc., at Exit 6 off I-43

- 98.7 Darien, Wis.: 42-33-44N?88-42-26W, a silo on a farm on Peters Road, Sharon

- 98.3 Como, Wis.: 42-37-05N/88-32-13W, a construction business on Hwy. 67 between Elkhorn and Williams Bay

- 98.1 East Troy, Wis.: 42-44-49N/88-26-22W, a landscape business at Exit 33 off I-43

- 97.9 West Allis, Wis.: 42-54-46N/88-11-15W, a tower on Crowbar Drive, Muskego, about a mile southwest of Exit 54 off I-43. (this tower is tall enough to be painted red & white but is NOT home to any other broadcast station)

They also want to know about "reasonable assurance" for the final step, an application to move to the tower in the Milwaukee tower farm shared by TV channels 10, 24, 30, and 36.

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