Friday, March 02, 2012

Applications filed for new AM stations

Mililani Town, Hawaii: 1230KHz:
Application filed for new station.
1,000 watts day & night, non-directional.
Americast Media

Keeau, Hawaii: 1260KHz:
Application filed for new station.
5,000 watts daytime
1,000 watts nighttime
non-directional day & night
Wagenvoord Advertising Group

Brampton, Ontario: 1190KHz:
Application filed for new station.
500 watts daytime
Nighttime power and directional characteristics not given, but I suspect it's 500/500 non-directional.
Listed as Class C, which in the U.S. would be limited to 1230/1240/1340/1400/1450/1490KHz.

Markham, Ontario: 1480/1490KHz:
Application filed for new station.
1,000 watts daytime on 1480
500 watts nighttime on 1490
Directional characteristics not given.


Anonymous said...

Two different frequencies? That is odd! People have to retune at different times of the day. Have you ever heard of this?

Doug Smith said...

It certainly is bizarre!

But it's not unique. WNZK in suburban Detroit is operating in a split-frequency mode: 690 during the day & 680 at night.

In WNZK's case, they couldn't use 680 during the day because of interference to Toronto's CFTR.

At night, they couldn't use 690 because the 690 station in Montreal was protected from interference throughout Canada. (of course, Detroit is right on the border)

But... CFTR's directional pattern gets much tighter at night. So WNZK could operate on 680 at night without interfering with CFTR.


There was a previous case in Canada just a bit to the east, in Leamington, Ontario. CHYR operated on 710 during the day. They couldn't use 710 at night due to Class A station WOR in New York.

So at night, they shifted to 730. (a Canadian clear channel) And for some reason, used a different callsign, alternatively reported as CHIR or CHYR7.

Some years ago, this station moved to 96.7 FM.