Thursday, May 03, 2012

Same callsign, two stations?

Not sure whether this is a policy change or just a clerical error...

For years, there has been a KFMT-FM on 105.5 in Fremont, Nebraska.

On Tuesday... the FCC assigned the calls KFMT to a new FM station in Lewistown, Montana.

Now, the calls *are* different. (no -FM in Montana) However, it's not been FCC policy in the past to allow the same four-letter "base call" to be used on two different stations in the same service by using or not using the -FM or -TV suffix.*

* it *has* been permissible to use them on two different stations in *different* services -- for example, on a full-power TV station and a LPTV. (WPXJ-LP Jacksonville, Florida and WPXJ-TV Batavia, New York, for example)


Scott Fybush said...

Looking like it was a clerical error - I now see no sign of the Montana "KFMT" in the database. Was it on the 107.9 CP?

Doug Smith said...

Yep, that's the one.

I've still got the May 3rd version of the call_sign_history table, which associates that call with facility_id 171025. If you look up that facility_id today, the call has reverted to "NEW".