Friday, August 31, 2012

AM stations deleted

The FCC has recently deleted the following stations.  Some of these may be renewal snafus -- WHEW-1380 is definitely on the air:

Lancaster, Kentucky:     WKYY-1280
Chanhassen, Minnesota:   NEW-1200  
     (this was a permit for a new station, never built)
Fairview, Tennessee:     WPFD-850
Franklin, Tennessee:     WHEW-1380
La Follette, Tennessee:  WQLA-960
Woodbury, Tennessee:     WBRY-1540
     (this station has a FM translator which was also deleted)

And in Canada, the CBC has requested permission to silence an AM station.  They want to move it to 102.3 FM.  This move has not yet been approved, but approval is essentially guaranteed:

Coleman, Alberta:        CBXC-1450

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