Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New stations in Toronto -- and disappointed applicants

The CRTC has granted two new radio stations in the Toronto area -- and denied 23 applications.

Two applications for AM stations were denied: see post below.

Two applications for FM stations were granted:

Markham, Ontario        105.9 1,600 watts/21m     adult alternative, and 37% ethnic.
Toronto, Ontario         88.1   875 watts/328m    "Indie" rock

21 applications for FM stations were denied:

CIRR-FM                 to move from 103.9
CKFG-FM                 to move from 98.7
CHOQ-FM                 to move from 105.1
CBC                     to relay CJBC AM 860
CFZM                    to relay AM 740
2308739 Ontario Inc.    business news
7954689 Canada Inc.     news/talk
Durham Radio            easy listening
Family FM Inc.          "family friendly" variety mix
Frank Torres            blues/rock
Larche Communications   adult alternative
Michael Wekerie         adult alternative
MTSD Broadcast          ethnic
Newcap Inc.             modern adult
Radio 1540 Ltd.         ethnic
Radio Ryerson Inc.      campus
Skvakkumaran Sivapathasundaram  ethnic
Stanislaus Antony       "emerging genres"
Tosan Lee               ethnic, for English-speaking Asians
Trust Communications    religious
WorldBand Media         news/talk

All 21 proposed the use of 88.1MHz. This frequency became available when CKLN-FM's licence was revoked in January 2011. Radio Ryerson's application was an attempt to reauthorize CKLN.

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