Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Station deleted (Canada)

aurorabob reports CHFA-680 Edmonton is now silent, it's moved to 90.1 FM.

From a legal standpoint it's a bit more complicated than that :) .

CHFA is the Edmonton station of the Radio-Canada Premiere Chaine, the spoken-word French-language network.

For a few years now, it's been relayed on an "embedded repeater" on 101.1 FM with about 3,900 watts of power. The repeater calls are CHFA-10-FM.

Around the same time, the second French-language service, "Espace Musique", came to Edmonton on CBCX-FM-1, on 90.1 with about 100,000 watts. CBCX-FM-1 is a relay transmitter for 89.7 Calgary.

With the recent changes: - CHFA 680 AM leaves the air. - CHFA-10-FM and CBCX-FM-1 swap transmitters & frequencies. (CHFA-10-FM is now on 90.1 with 100,000 watts; CBCX-FM-1 is now on 101.1 with 3,900 watts.)

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