Friday, January 27, 2017

New (temporary) AM stations

Muscogee, Oklahoma: 540KHz, 830KHz, 1680KHz:
Permit granted for new experimental station WI2XNG.

5kw transmitter output on all three frequencies from 35-40-15/95-10-14. Experimental station for "UAS-RFTR training". I guess if you're in the Navy you might know what that means. (UAS typically refers to drones but I can't imagine what a 5kw AM station would have to do with drone training.)

This station has also been granted experimental permission for 10kw ERP FM stations on 92.5, 96.7, and 107.3.


aurorabob said...

Any idea when these might be coming live?

Doug Smith said...

I'm afraid not. It's hard to tell even with *regular* AM stations & in the experimental world, all bets are off.

Since the stations are temporary, I would imagine they won't put as much effort into construction & it won't take as long.