Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Recent AM changes -- several places

Mooresville, Alabama: WWTM 1390:
Application to move from 1400 Decatur, reducing power to 310 watts daytime-only & changing site to 34-41-19/86-49-12. Modifies permit to make same changes at 270 watts.

Uruapan, Michoacan: XEUF 610:
Granted power change to 5kw non-directional daytime only at 19-25-57/102-03-42. Previous facilities unknown.

Saint John, New Brunswick: CFBC 930:
Granted power reduction to 2,000/150 non-directional, and to correct coordinates.

Middleton, Nova Scotia: CKAD 1350:
Granted power reduction to 1,000/400 non-directional, and to correct coordinates.

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