Friday, August 19, 2022

AM items

ARKA Camden1450KNHDReturned to the air Aug. 15th.
MARY Pocomoke City540WGOPOFF, destroyed in Aug. 18th fire.
NEWH Nashua1590WSMNReturned to the air July 28th.
NEWM Albuquerque1100KRKECC from KVVD
NEWY Brockport1590WRSBRA16
NORTHC Carolina Beach1180WLTTCX16
NORTHC Rocky Mount1390WEEDReturned to the air Aug. 15th.
NORTHC Wilmington1490WWILCX16
WISC Hayward910WCBNOFF Aug. 7th.
WASH Silverdale1400KITZOFF June 3rd

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