Friday, September 09, 2022

FM items

ARIZ Desert Hills100.7KRRKGranted STA 50w/741m, 34-33-00/114-11-41; temporary site pending generator repairs at licensed site.
ARIZ Green Valley97.1KMMACC from KMIY
ARIZ Lake Havasu City96.7KRCY-FMGranted STA 50w/741m, 34-33-00/114-11-41; temporary site pending generator repairs at licensed site.
CALI Fresno91.5KSJVRequests STA 400w-V/234m, 36-38-15/118-56-38; temporary facility pending replacement of gear damaged in wildfire.
COLO Denver100.3KIMNNS 15kw/337m, 39-40-25/105-13-05 (aux)
COLO Denver105.1KXKL-FMNS 3kw/337m, 39-40-25/105-13-05 (aux)
COLO Rifle105.3KZKSOperating at unspecified reduced power since Aug. 4th transmitter failure.
GEOR La Grange91.9WBRQPR>1kw/62m, 32-58-41/85-06-27
GEOR La Grange90.9WOAKPG<2.5kw/77m, 33-02-13/85-01-50
INDI Indianapolis96.3WYHXRA Sept. 9th
MAIN Trevitt91.5WGWMPG 210w/84m, 43-53-39/69-42-36
MANI Winnipeg93.7CJNU-FMPR>2kw/113m; correct coordinates to 49-52-44/97-09-02
MICH Onekama93.3762337NS 7kw/108m, 44-29-24/86-08-09 (Suzanne D Henderson)
MISSI Bruce101.5762447PG 280w/60m, 33-59-56/89-20-37 (Kennedy Broadcasting)
MISSI Taylor94.7WRBMNS 1.5kw/124m, 34-20-31/89-29-40 (SSR Communications); CC for NS
MISSO Pleasant Hope95.5KTOZ-FMAF 10kw/116m (aux)
MONT Great Falls91.9KFRWOFF Sept. 2nd, lost lease.
NEWY Little Valley105.9WCGSCC from WGWE
NEWY Malone96.5WMWAOperating at unspecified reduced power since Sept. 8th transmitter failure.
NEWY Whitehall94.1WNYVOFF Sept. 1st, transmitter issues.
NORTHC Buxton90.5WBUXPG>10kw/43m, 35-15-42/75-34-18
NORTHC Buxton101.5WHDZPG>1.1kw/43m, 35-15-42/75-34-18
NORTHC Grifton99.5WMJVCC from WXNR
PUER Levittown88.5WLUZPC>11.5kw/617m, 18-16-37/65-51-08
SASK Regina95.9NEWQG from 107.9, 24kw/141m; relocate transmitter
TENN Hopewell93.9WQMTPC>17.5kw/120m, 35-21-55/84-45-22
TEXA Holliday90.9KGVBOperating at reduced power of 1.8kw pending antenna replacement.
TEXA McKinney88.1KNTUPG<55kw/135m
TEXA Tolar95.5KOME-FMXR 1.55kw/393m, 32-16-23/98-01-24
UTAH Dammeron Valley100.7KCAYPG>25kw/45m, 37-16-01/113-35-35
VIRG Virginia Beach88.5WJLZPR>4.3kw/36m, 36-50-31/76-05-36; amendment from 5kw. PG.
VIRG Woodlake90.9WDLKPR<32w/251m
WISC Brillion107.5WDUZ-FMOperating at approximately 20% power since Sept. 1st transmitter failure.
WISC Crandon103.9WEQCPR 3.3kw/149m, 45-34-23/88-52-59
WYOM Medicine Bow101.1KBHCAF 7kw/1m, 41-53-38/106-14-57; NS
ALAB Mobile95.7W239CWPG>250w/291m, 30-41-17/87-47-54 (WMOB-1360); PC
ALAS Seward99.7K259BKPR>250w/-433m, 60-06-12/149-26-16 (WJSO-90.1 Pikeville, Ky.)
ARIZ Mt. Lemmon107.1K296GTOFF Aug. 7th, lost site.
ARKA Mena88.5K203BOOFF Sept. 12th pending sale.
CALI Monterey102.9K275CURA Sept. 6th with new facilities.
CALI Simi Valley106.3K292CRPrimary changed to KOST-103.5.
COLO Glenwood Springs107.7K299ACPR>100w/-191m, 39-33-43/107-19-03 (KNDH-96.7 Carbondale)
CONN Meriden98.5W253BQPG<250w/241m, 41-33-44/72-50-38 (WMRQ-FM 104.1 Waterbury)
IDAH Kimberly97.1K228FLQR from 93.5, 250w/204m (KXTA-FM 99.1 Gooding)
IOWA Davenport98.3K289BIQR from 105.7, 250w/70m, 41-28-29/90-26-45 (WVIK-90.3 Rock Island, Ill.)
IOWA Des Moines90.9K215FNReturned to full power Sept. 2nd.
IOWA Glenwood105.3K287CBPrimary changed to KIBM-1490 Omaha, Nebr.
MICH East Lansing102.3W272EMPC>250w/172m, 42-42-07/84-24-48 (WKAR-FM 90.5)
MINN Hinckley93.1W226AYRA Sept. 6th.
MINN Hinckley97.5W248ASRA Sept. 6th.
MISSI Jackson95.9W240EJPG<75w/6m, 32-17-09/90-12-43 (WSJC-810 Magee); PC
NEBR Omaha102.3K272FEPR 99w/107m (KFFF-93.3 Bennington); PG
NEWM Albuquerque93.7K229CLPG 250w/1226m, 35-13-00/106-27-09 (KDLW-106.3 Los Lunas); PC
NEWM Dona Ana94.3K232GDPG 20w/158m, 32-24-17/106-45-40 (KSIL-105.5 Rincon)
NEWY Newburgh93.7W229BHPC>10w/289m, 41-29-32/73-58-38 (WLJP-89.3 Monroe)
NEWY Watkins Glen101.9W270BYPC<250w/35m, 42-18-33/76-49-20 (WFLR-1570 Dundee)
NORTHC Jacksonville95.9W240DXRA Sept. 7th. (WSRP-910)
NORTHC Reidsville93.5W228DSRA July 6th.
OHIO Cleveland89.7WKSU-1AF 1kw/117m, 41-23-10/81-41-21
OHIO Lyndhurst89.7WKSU-2AF 42w/161m, 41-26-46/81-30-39
OHIO Toledo103.3W277BIPrimary changed to WPAY-1520 Rossford.
OHIO Toledo92.1W221BGOFF Sept. 6th. Normally relays WPAY-1520 Rossford. However, W277BI will need to temporarily relay WPAY while equipment is installed allowing it to relay WTOD-106.5 HD2. Two translators with substantially identical coverage are not allowed to relay the same primary.
OREG Powell Butte106.9K295DBPC>250w/573m, 44-11-51/120-58-41 (KEFX-88.9 Twin Falls, Ida.)
TEXA Dumas99.3K291AQQC from 106.1, 92w/120m, 35-55-13/101-57-56 (KWAS-88.1 Borger)
TEXA Hollywood Park93.7K229BJPR>62w/143m, 29-36-55/98-34-43 (KBNL-89.9 Laredo); amended to specify KJMA-89.7 Floresville as the primary.
UTAH Payson95.5K238CEOFF Sept. 6th, equipment failure.
VIRG Amherst103.1W276DNOperating at reduced power of 7 watts since Sept. 8th equipment failure.
WEST Granville97.5W248BFPR<10w/63m, 39-40-19/79-57-06 (WYXA-90.1 Clarksburg)
CALI Nipomo105.5KYGS-LPRA Aug. 29th
FLOR Boca Raton101.1WRIZ-LPOFF Sept. 6th; transmitter & antenna damaged by lightning.
FLOR Miami101.1WDVS-LPPR>45w/46m, 25-45-25/80-11-40; withdrawn
NEVA Las Vegas97.9KIOF-LPLicense canceled Sept. 6th.
OHIO Zanesville98.9WTLL-LPPR 100w/28m, 39-56-50/81-58-45. Lost site to fire.
TEXA Zapata95.7KZLH-LPPR>69w/36m; PG
ARKA Marshall88.1765851PR 380w/191m, 35-54-05/92-36-58 (Ichthus Family Hope)
CALI Joshua Tree91.9767348PG 220w/-143m, 34-07-36/116-16-36 (Animal Authority Rescue Team)
FLOR Key West90.9768214AF 4kw/32m, 24-33-09/81-47-52; amendment from 25kw (Teleamerica Communications West Palm Beach Corp.)
NORTHC Mount Airy90.9WGBICC for NS (Gospel Broadcasting)

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