Friday, February 26, 2021

FCC items

Gilroy, California: KAZA 1290:
Power reduced from 5,000/88 to 1,500/19; relocated site.

Orlando, Florida: WTLN 990:
Granted STA to operate non-directionally at 25% power due to directional antenna failure.

Terre Haute, Indiana: WPFR 1480:
Requests STA 250/250 ND pending repairs to antenna system; granted.

Golden Meadow, Louisiana: KLEB 1600:
Requests removal of directional antenna & power reduction from 5,000/250 DA-2 to 720/60 ND.

Parsippany, New Jersey: WXMC 1310:
Granted STA to operate at 25% power non-directional due to storm damage.

Horseheads, New York: WLNL 1000:
OFF March 1st, financial difficulties.

New York City: WFME 1560:
OFF Feb. 12th, sold site.  Will return from new site.

Friday, February 19, 2021

FCC items

Athens, Alabama: WVNN 770:
Requests permission to delete 250-watt directional nighttime facility (at alternate location) and correct daytime coordinates to 34-45-02/86-47-58.

Orlando, Florida: WTLN 990:
Granted STA to operate non-directionally at 25% power pending antenna system repairs.

Bangor, Maine: WTOS 910:
Gone non-directional at night with 210 watts.  Day facilities unchanged.

Manchester, New Hampshire: WFEA 1370:
Requests STA to operate at reduced daytime power of 4.1kw (vs. licensed 5kw) pending readjustment of out-of-tolerance directional antenna system.  Granted. 

Friday, February 12, 2021

FCC items

St. Louis, Missouri: KXEN 1010:
Requests power reduction to 160 watts daytime/14 watts night, 38-38-09/90-11-45.  Appears to be the KDNL-TV 30 studio-transmitter link tower at 13th & Cole Sts. downtown. 

Moriarty, New Mexico: KEMR 1080:
Requests frequency change from 1090 Milan, 2,500 watts daytime only, 35-00-33/105-54-59; amendment from 400 watts.

Graham, North Carolina: WSML 1200:
Requests STA 5,000 watts non-directional daytime only; suspending nighttime operations until permit to move to new site can be implemented.  Granted.

Raleigh, North Carolina: WQDR 570:
Calls changed back from WPLW.

Raleigh, North Carolina: WPTF 680:
Requests STA for 10,000 watts non-directional fulltime pending repairs to transmitter & antenna.  Granted.

Clarksburg, West Virginia: WXKX 1340:
Requests power reduction to 760 watts non-directional, 39-17-21/80-18-55.

Friday, February 05, 2021

FCC items

Hope, Arkansas: KXAR 1490; Prescott, Arkansas: KTPA 1370:
OFF Feb. 5th until storm damage can be repaired. 

Siloam Springs, Arkansas: KUOA 1290:
OFF Jan. 31st pending construction of new studios.

Jacksonville, Florida: WNNR 970:
Granted STA for 25% power non-directional pending repairs to second tower destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

Pompano Beach, Florida: WHSR 980:
OFF Feb. 2nd pending move to new site.

Winter Haven, Florida: WSIR 1490:
OFF Feb. 1st, station being sold.

Smyrna, Georgia: WAZX 1550:
OFF Jan. 28th, COVID.

Caldwell, Idaho: KCID 1490:
Moved to 43-39-57/116-38-01.

Augusta, Maine: WMDR 1340:
OFF Jan. 19th, audio bleedover into WWWA-95.3 studio-transmitter link.

Everett, Massachusetts: WKOX 1430:
Granted power reduction to 2,500/26 ND, 42-26-09/70-59-35; to share on the WROL-950 tower.

Greenville, North Carolina: WNCT 1070:
Requests to go non-directional full time and reduce day power from 50kw to 5kw and night power from 10kw to 13 watts.

Kittanning, Pennsylvania: WKFO 1380:
Calls changed from WTYM.

York, Pennsylvania: WSBA 910:
Requests STA to operate at 25% power at night (250 watts) pending repair of antenna array.  Daytime facility unaffected.  STA granted.

Burleson, Texas: KCLE 1460:
Vancouver, Washington: KKOV 1550:
OFF Jan. 28th, COVID.

Friday, January 29, 2021

FCC items

South Lake Tahoe, California: KTHO 590:
Requests STA for 100 watts non-directional to long-wire at least 20 feet long and no more than 50 feet high at 38-56-23/119-57-21.  (seems rather small, especially for 590KHz!)  Lost site. 

Honolulu, Hawaii: KPRP 650: 
OFF Jan. 17th, transmitter failed and parts are difficult to find.

Houston, Texas: KXYZ 1320:
Requests power to 8,400/2,800 DA-1, 29-54-56/95-27-42; to share on KBME-790 towers.

Burlington, Vermont: WCAT 1390:
Request to go non-directional at night & reduce night power to 60 watts.

Friday, January 22, 2021

FCC items

Marco Island, Florida: WCNZ 1660:
OFF Jan. 10th.  Transmitter building destroyed by fire a year ago.  It operated for one day under Special Temporary Authority for 1,000 watts, but it must remove the temporary transmitter in order to build a permanent facility.

Bozeman, Montana: KYWL 1480:
Requests frequency change from 1490, daytime power increase to 3,000 watts, nighttime power decrease to 150 watts, and site change to 45-46-15/111-13-26.  (an existing tower in Belgrade, Mont., although I can't find any broadcast station licensed to that site)

Los Alamos, New Mexico: KRSN 1490:
OFF Oct. 31st; lost advertisers due to COVID-19.

Sand Springs, Oklahoma: KJMU 1340:
OFF Oct. 1st; lost programming source due to COVID-19.

Hamilton, Texas: KCLW 900:
OFF Jan. 10th; moisture damage to transmitter.

The following stations' applications have been granted and/or implemented:

WHON 930 Centerville, Indiana
KEYS 1440 Corpus Christi, Texas

Search the blog for details.

Friday, January 15, 2021

FCC & CRTC items

Oildale, California: KGSV 660:
OFF Jan. 11th, lost lease.

Egypt Lake, Florida: WMGG 1470:
Converted to digital-only mode.

Agana, Guam: KVOG 1530:
OFF (again) Jan. 6th pending renovation of site.

Toronto, Ontario: CHHA 1610:
Granted power increase to 10kw.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania: WNPV 1440:
Requests STA 124/22 ND pending a decision on a permanent facility. 

Spartanburg, South Carolina: WORD 950:
Requests nighttime power reduction from 5,000 watts to 65 & to go non-directional.

Clarksville, Tennessee: WNZE 1400: 
OFF Jan. 12th, reason not given.