Friday, July 16, 2021

FCC items

Doral, Florida: WRHC 1550:
Requests power reduction to 1,000 watts daytime, 100 watts night, directional with same pattern day and night.  To use two of WWFE-670's towers.  Application would also change the city from Coral Gables.

WRHC has been operating from WWFE's towers under Special Temporary Authority since Hurricane Andrew destroyed WRHC's own site in 1992.   

Valparaiso, Indiana: WAKE 1500: 
OFF July 15th, COVID-related financial issues & FM translator permit expired.  Station has permit to reduce power & move to Hobart.

Perry, Iowa: KDLS 1310:
Granted STA for 125 watts non-directional full time pending repairs to directional antenna.

Bangor, Maine: WZON 620:
Requests deletion of nighttime directional antenna (to go non-directional) and reduce night power to 620 watts.

Wheaton, Maryland: WDON 1540:
Call letters changed back from WACA.  This station was last WDON in September 1981.

Fort Worth, Texas: KHVN 970:
Requests power reduction to 600 watts daytime, 240 watts night, non-directional.  32-48-36/97-07-25; to share on the KKGM-1630 tower.

Mission, Texas: KIRT 1580:
New Boston, Texas: KLBW 1530:
Odessa, Texas: KOZA 1230:
All three stations failed to file their renewal applications on time, by April 1st.  Their licenses will expire August 1st if late renewals aren't filed by then.

Friday, July 09, 2021

FCC items

Paducah, Kentucky: WDXR 1450:
Requests STA for 25 watts non-directional, 37-05-55/88-37-19; 170' long wire approximately 25' high, pending tower repairs.  Looks like the temporary site is an FM tower on North 8th Street.

Horseheads, New York: WPGO 820:
Calls changed from WMTT.

Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania: WGMM 1460:
Calls changed from WZMF.

Winchester, Virginia: WZFC 1400:
Calls changed from WINC.

Monday, June 28, 2021

FCC items

Bainbridge, Georgia: WMGR 930: 
Requests STA to operate daytime only.  Technical problems with nighttime antenna, financially difficult to repair. 

St. Marys, Georgia: WWIO 1190:
OFF May 25th pending transmitter repairs.

Providence, Rhode Island: WPVD 1290:
Requests conversion to non-directional, reducing daytime power from 10,000 watts to 400 and nighttime from 10,000 to 16.

Kirkland, Washington: KARR 1460:
OFF June 10th, refinancing.

Friday, June 18, 2021

FCC items

Birmingham, Alabama: WAYE 1220:
Requests move to 33-28-37/86-53-00, sharing the WJLD-1400 tower. 

Fayetteville, Arkansas: KPBI 1250:
Calls changed from KRRD.

Agana, Guam: KICH 630:
Calls changed from KUAM.

Geneva, Illinois: WDYS 1480:
Calls changed from WSPY

Havre de Grace, Maryland: WHGM 1330:
Requests power reduction to 3,890 watts daytime/18 watts night; amendment to reduce night power.

Mineola, New York: WJDM 1520:
Call change from WTHE.

Wilmington, North Carolina: WLSG 1340:
Requests relocation to 34-16-03/77-55-03, approx. 5km northeast of existing site.

Galveston, Texas: KGBC 1540:
Requests removal of two worn out towers; increase daytime power from 2,500 watts to 3,600; and reduce nighttime power form 250 watts to 185.

East Highland Park, Virginia: WVNZ 1320:
Requests relocation to WBTL-1450/WULT-1540 tower at 37-32-40/77-20-46; reduce daytime power to 720 watts & nighttime to 14; and change city from Richmond.

Friday, June 11, 2021

FCC items

Brewton, Alabama: WEBJ 1240:
OFF June 9th, lost site.

Payson, Arizona: KMOG 1420:
Requests daytime power increase from 2,500 watts to 3,000.  Night power not changed.

Monterey, California: KNBI 1240:
Requests STA for temporary site (a parking lot at Broadway & Hillsdale), 250 watts non-directional fulltime.  Granted.

De Funiak Springs, Florida: WDSP 1280:
OFF June 9th, lost site.

Elberton, Georgia: WHTD 1400:
OFF June 4th pending move to Clayton.

Gardiner, Maine: WHTP 1280:
Requests power reduction from 5,000 watts daytime to 250, and from 5,000 watts nighttime to 40.  Remove directional antenna.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota: KMNQ 1470:
Granted STA for reduced power of 3,500 watts pending transmitter repairs.

Canton, Mississippi: WONG 1150:
OFF June 8th, transmitter burned.

New York, New York: WFME 1560:
Requests STA 12,500 watts day & night, non-directional, using a slant-wire feed to the side of the WNSH-94.7/WFMU-91.1 tower in East Orange, New Jersey.  WFME once owned 94.7 FM and still owns the tower.  

West Fargo, North Dakota: KFNW 1200:
Granted STA for 10,000 watts daytime/3,250 watts nighttime, non-directional, using one tower at current site while remaining towers & equipment are moved to new site.

Grand Coulee, Washington: KEYG 1490:
OFF June 3rd, 66-year-old tower is threatening to fall.

New Holstein, Wisconsin: WLAK 1520:
Requests frequency change from 1530 and power increase from 350 watts to 550.  To remain non-directional, daytime only, at existing site.  Made possible by power reduction at WGKB-1510 Waukesha.

Waukesha, Wisconsin: WGKB 1510:
Power reduced to 250 watts non-directional, daytime only.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

FCC items

Montgomery, Alabama: WLWI 1440:
Granted STA for unspecified reduced night power due to vandalism.

Tolleson, Arizona: KXXT 1010:
Requests relocation to KPXQ-1360 site, 33-30-28/112-13-01; increase day power from 15kw to 23kw and night power from 250 watts to 300.

Monticello, Mississippi: WMLC 1270:
OFF May 23rd, transmitter struck by lightning.

Portales, New Mexico: KSEL 1450:
OFF May 25th, unknown reasons.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

FCC items

Jacksonville, Florida: WJNJ 1320:
Requests removal of directional antenna; reduction of daytime power from 50,000 watts to 5,000, and of night power from 5,000 watts to 80; and relocation to the site soon to be left by WZAZ-1400.  (WZAZ, in turn, has a permit to relocate elsewhere)

Somonauk, Illinois: WDYS 1480:
Requests modification of permit to move from Geneva to add nighttime operation at 140 watts.  Permit was granted as daytime only.

Cortland, Ohio: WKTX 840:
Granted STA to operate at 10 watts non-directional daytime only; transmitter failure.

Easton, Pennsylvania: WEEX 1230:
WEEX has a permit to drop its daytime-only directional antenna and increase daytime power from 840 watts to 1,000.  It requests STA to operate non-directionally daytime at temporarily reduced power of 320 watts.
STA granted.