Friday, August 18, 2006

IBOC tests in Canada

American Bandscan
DXer Saul Chernos is reporting IBOC on the CBC's CBLA-FM 99.1 Toronto.

Canada currently authorizes Eureka 147 digital radio. However, uptake of digital radio north of the border has been disappointing. (in fact, it's been disappointing everywhere, except Britain. The CRTC has opened a proceeding to consider whether the U.S. IBOC (HD Radio) system should be authorized in Canada.

It is common practice for CBC stations to experiment with technical changes before the CRTC considers whether to allow routine use of these technologies.

One must wonder if IBOC could be a train wreck in Canada. Use of third-adjacents is common in large Canadian cities, and even second-adjacents are not unusual.

3rd adjacents in major Canadian cities:
  • Winnipeg: 89.3/89.9/90.5 CBW-1-FM, CKSB-FM, CKSB-10-FM

  • Vancouver: 93.1/93.7 CKYE-FM, CJJR-FM (also, there's a 92.9 just across the border in the U.S.!)

  • Calgary: 89.7/90.3/90.9 CBCX-FM, CIKL-FM, CJSW-FM; 96.9/97.5 CKIS-FM, CIRI-FM; 98.5/99.1 CIBK-FM/CBR-1-FM

  • Montreal: 91.3/91.9/92.5 CIRA-FM, CKLX-FM, CFQR-FM; 104.7/105.1 CBME-FM-1, CKDG-FM

  • Ottawa: 88.5/89.1 CILV-FM, CHUO-FM; 97.9/98.5/99.1 CJLL-FM, CJWL-FM, CHRI-FM; 104.7/105.3 CIIO-FM, CISS-FM

  • Toronto: 88.9/89.5/89.9/90.3 CIRV-FM, CIUT-FM, CKRG-FM, CJBC-FM; 91.9/92.5 CHIN-1-FM, CJAQ-FM; 93.5/94.1 CFXJ-FM, CBL-FM; 95.9/96.3/96.9/97.3 CJKX-FM-1, CFMX-FM-1, CKHC-FM, CJEZ-FM; 100.7/101.3 CHIN-FM, CJSA-FM; 103.9/104.5/105.1 CIRR-FM, CHUM-FM, CHOQ-FM; 106.5/107.1 CKAV-FM, CILQ-FM

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