Saturday, August 26, 2006

WBBR-1130 off

WBBR-1130 New York will be off the air for maintenance at midnight Eastern time Sunday morning. (i.e., in about 90 minutes from the time of this post)

When they return to the air, test tones will be broadcast as part of ongoing maintenance. (so those of you in places where WBBR is not normally heard may want to listen)

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Doug Smith said...

While WBBR was off, a number of East Coast DXers logged CKWX "News 1130" Vancouver. That's a pretty good haul!

CKWX is probably the easiest Pacific Northwest (or is it Southwest?, from a Canadian viewpoint) station to log in the East. Listeners in the Northeast should try for it if WBBR goes off again, and listeners elsewhere should try at any time.