Friday, September 08, 2006

CKDO-1580 DX test

CKDO-1580 Oshawa, Ontario has announced a special "DX Program"

Saul Chernos reports the program will run from 9pm Eastern time, Thursday, October 5th (0100 Oct. 6th UTC) to 2am Eastern time Friday, October 6th. (0600 UTC) This date is precisely coincident with the 60th anniversary of CKDO's 1946 debut.

The broadcast will be with the station's normal 10,000-watt directional signal. CKDO uses the same facilities day and night, there is no more powerful daytime pattern to use for the test. Their pattern favors the east and west - it should be easily heard in New England and the Midwest.

This program is in honor of CKDO's recent frequency change to 1580KHz. CKDO originally signed on on 1240KHz, and operated on 1350 for over 50 years. CBJ (Chicoutimi, Quebec) moved from 1580 to 93.7 FM in 1999, opening 1580 for use elsewhere in Canada; CKDO was the lucky winner(grin).

DXer Wayne Plunkett and CKDO owner Douglas Kirk have arranged this special program. Those hearing it are encouraged to call the station. (a toll-free phone number will be given out on the air) Written reception reports may be sent to:

Attn. Special DX Program
1200 Airport Blvd.
Suite 207
Oshawa, Ontario L1J 8P5

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