Monday, September 25, 2006

Major change in Houston area (kinda)

The FCC has approved the application of KHCB-1400 Galveston, Texas to move to League City.

The transmitter is also moving, to 29°25'35.00"N, 95°08'0.00"W, *very* roughly 20 miles west-northwest of their existing site. The station goes from non-directional to "DA1" - directional with same pattern day & night, two towers. (the FCC site claims "DA2" - different day and night patterns - but the parameters of the two operations are identical...)

This is officially a "major change" (I think because of the change in city of license) but in fact it will have little effect on DX.

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Doug Smith said...

Oh, to the best of my knowledge this would be the first Class C ("graveyard") station in the U.S. to be directional at night.