Friday, October 27, 2006

Frequency change in Texas

KHCH-1400 Huntsville, Texas has moved to 1410. Power is decreased from 1000 watts fulltime to 250 watts day, 87 watts night. I presume this is to accomodate KHCB-1400's planned move to League City.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Night of a thousand (OK, four...) DX tests

Four Montana stations have scheduled a simultaneous DX Test on the early morning of Sunday, Novebmer 19th.

The test will run from midnight to 2am, Mountain Time.

Stations involved:

  • KEIN-1310, Great Falls

  • KLCY-930, East Missoula

  • KGVO-1290, Missoula

  • KANA-580, Anaconda

  • Extra IDs, including Morse Code, and other test material will be broadcast. Montana is a tough state in the east; this test is much appreciated! (thanks to Kevin Redding, Les Rayburn, and the staffs of these stations and of KEVA-1240, Evanston, Wyoming who helped arrange this test)

    More details on

    Good luck!

    More new stations

    A few days worth:

    Arroyo Grande, California: application for new station, 1060KHz, 10,000/1,200 watts DA-2, 35-08-44N/120-31-15W

    Comstock, Texas: new station granted, 1450KHz, 1,000 watts ND, 29-40-50N/101-13-00W

    Presidio, Texas: new station granted, 1230KHz, 800/710 watts ND, 29-36-00N/104-25-14W

    Brampton, Ontario: application for new station, 1650KHz, 1,000/680 watts ND, ethnic. Mutually exclusive with Mississauga application.

    Mississauga, Ontario: application for new station, 1650KHz, 1,000 watts ND, ethnic. Mutually exclusive with Brampton application.

    Montreal, Quebec: application for new station, 1400KHz, 1,000 watts ND, ethnic.

    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    New station on air in Utah

    KENT-1400 Parowan, Utah has filed for a license-to-cover.

    This new station is at 37-48-22N, 112-56-40W and runs 1kw non-directional fulltime.

    Format unknown. (if you hear this station, please let me know!)

    The FCC hasn't had much time to deal with AM lately, they've been filing hundreds of applications for digital companion channels for low-power TV stations...

    Friday, October 06, 2006

    Calls for new stations

    Call letters have been assigned for two of the new stations recently reported in this blog.

    670 in Essex Junction, Vermont is now WVVT.
    1590 in Kearsarge, Penna. is now WCXJ.