Saturday, October 21, 2006

Night of a thousand (OK, four...) DX tests

Four Montana stations have scheduled a simultaneous DX Test on the early morning of Sunday, Novebmer 19th.

The test will run from midnight to 2am, Mountain Time.

Stations involved:

  • KEIN-1310, Great Falls

  • KLCY-930, East Missoula

  • KGVO-1290, Missoula

  • KANA-580, Anaconda

  • Extra IDs, including Morse Code, and other test material will be broadcast. Montana is a tough state in the east; this test is much appreciated! (thanks to Kevin Redding, Les Rayburn, and the staffs of these stations and of KEVA-1240, Evanston, Wyoming who helped arrange this test)

    More details on

    Good luck!

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    Doug Smith said...

    KERR-750, Polson has added itself to the list. No Morse or sweep tones are planned, but KERR's 50,000-watt non-directional daytime facility signal should be easily heard at considerable distances.

    Looks like the Night of Four DX Tests will now be the Night of Five DX Tests - and your best chance in a LONG time to log Montana!