Thursday, November 30, 2006

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X-band news in Canada

Gatineau, Quebec:
Application filed for new station here, 1670KHz, 1kw ND. Programming in French for children and teenagers. Gatineau is across the river from Ottawa.

Toronto, Ontario:
CHHA-1610 will be signing off temporarily effective tomorrow. Due to interference they've been ordered to stop transmitting from their current site. They've already found a new site on the Toronto lakefront and will return to the air when they can complete construction there.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New station in Arizona

Nogales, Arizona:

An application has been filed for a new station in Nogales.
1340KHz, 250w ND fulltime
One tower at 31-23-18N/110-56-35W.

Mystery test on 1610

Many DXers are reporting a VERY strong test signal on 1610KHz last night. It broadcast only a 1KHz tone... and was heard coast-to-coast.

At 0800 CST, it's still audible (but just barely) here near Nashville and by Neil Kazaross near Chicago.

Direction finding and fade characteristics suggest a location on the Eastern Seaboard generally between Philadelphia and Raleigh.

If you hear this station as local reception please let me know.

Friday, November 17, 2006

New station application in Colorado

Keystone, Colorado: 1320KHz
An application has been filed for a new station here.
1,000 watts day/500 watts night, DA-2 (directional day & night, different patterns)
3 towers at 39-36-46N/106-00-05W.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Clear Channel sold

News reports say radio/TV owner Clear Channel has agreed to be acquired by two investment firms for nearly $19 billion:

(Boston Herald)


The same reports indicate that in a separate action, the company will be selling 448 small-market radio stations and their 42 TV stations.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More on Montana DX tests

Again, for more on these...

An additional station has joined the test. Stations that will be testing this weekend:

KANA-580 Anaconda 1,000 watts
KKGR-680 East Helena 5,000 watts
KERR-750 Polson 50,000 watts
KLCY-930 East Missoula 5,000 watts
KGVO-1290 Missoula 5,000 watts
KEIN-1310 Great Falls 5,000 watts

The test will begin at midnight Mountain time (2am Eastern time) and run until 2am Mountain (4am Eastern) Saturday night, November 18th - technically Sunday morning in most of North America. On KERR-750 the test will run from 12:05am-1:58am Mountain time.

Reception reports preferred via e-mail to l e s
h i g h
n o o n
f i l m
c o m

(take out the spurious spaces & carraige returns. Blame the spam scam scum. Maybe someday they're face some Montana justice...)

Please put "Montana DX Test" in the subject line. Include an audio recording (mp3 etc.) if possible, the stations would like to know what they sound like at a distance.

Thanks to Kevin Redding & The ABDX E-Mail List, Ron Huckey, Michael Richard, Steve Dow, Todd Clark, Tony Mulligan, Les Rayburn, and the staffs of these stations! Montana is a tough logging east of the Rockies; this is likely to be the best chance in most of our lifetimes to log this state!

New AM station applied for

Honaunau, Hawaii

An application has been filed for a new station on 1340KHz. Power will be 10kw fulltime, non-directional with a single tower at 19-31-13N, 155-55-04W.

If approved this would be the only U.S. station on a local channel (1230/1240/1340/1400/1450/1490) to run more than 1kw power.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Frequency change in Washington State

KZTS-1230, Sunnyside, granted frequency change from 1210. Power to decrease from 10,000 watts day, 1,000 night to 700 watts fulltime. Station will remain non-directional.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Frequency change in Illinois

WSQR-1560 Sycamore, Ill. has moved to 1180.

With the move comes a significant increase in daytime power from 198 watts to 900.

Nighttime power actually decreases from 18 watts to one. However, on 1560 WSQR was only allowed to use that 18 watts from sunset in Bakersfield, Cal. (where dominant station KNZR is). Between Sycamore sunset and Bakersfield sunset WSQR was limited to 2.3 watts.

The lower dial position will also improve coverage considerably.

WSQR will remain non-directional both day and night.

Friday, November 03, 2006

New North Dakota station

KKAG-740, Fargo has been reported testing.

50,000 watts day; 7,500 watts critical hours; 940 watts night, three different patterns.

46° 58' 29.00" N/96 ° 30' 12.00" W

Pattern favors the west with a sublobe to the south at night and to the northeast during the day.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

More AM actions & applications

Mountain Ranch, California:
Application for new station on 1340, 1,000 watts ND, 38-14-28N/120-33-25W

Winnemucca, Nevada:
Application for new station on 1340, 250 watts ND, 40-58-48N/117-45-37W. Applicant is Catholic religious organization IHR Educational

Apollo, Pennsylvania:
WAVL-910 requests move to 1360, 6,700/700 watts DA-2, 40-27-42N/79-36-07W

Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania:
WPTT-1360 requests move to 910, city from McKeesport. Power to 7,000 watts DA-D (daytime only), 40-16-05N/79-59-01W

Greenville, Rhode Island:
Application for new station on 1140, 27,000/1,200 watts DA-2, 41-53-29N/71-37-21W

Bluffdale, Utah:
KOVO-960 requests move from Provo. Includes power increase to 50,000/940 watts DA-2,

More new stations

Permits have been issued for two new AM stations:

Charlestown, Rhode Island:
1370, 2,500/5,000 watts DA-2. 3 towers at 41-22-38N/71-39-50W.

Langtry, Texas:
1400, 1,000 watts ND from a single tower at 29-47-30N/101-30-30W.