Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More on Montana DX tests

Again, for more on these...

An additional station has joined the test. Stations that will be testing this weekend:

KANA-580 Anaconda 1,000 watts
KKGR-680 East Helena 5,000 watts
KERR-750 Polson 50,000 watts
KLCY-930 East Missoula 5,000 watts
KGVO-1290 Missoula 5,000 watts
KEIN-1310 Great Falls 5,000 watts

The test will begin at midnight Mountain time (2am Eastern time) and run until 2am Mountain (4am Eastern) Saturday night, November 18th - technically Sunday morning in most of North America. On KERR-750 the test will run from 12:05am-1:58am Mountain time.

Reception reports preferred via e-mail to l e s
h i g h
n o o n
f i l m
c o m

(take out the spurious spaces & carraige returns. Blame the spam scam scum. Maybe someday they're face some Montana justice...)

Please put "Montana DX Test" in the subject line. Include an audio recording (mp3 etc.) if possible, the stations would like to know what they sound like at a distance.

Thanks to Kevin Redding & The ABDX E-Mail List, Ron Huckey, Michael Richard, Steve Dow, Todd Clark, Tony Mulligan, Les Rayburn, and the staffs of these stations! Montana is a tough logging east of the Rockies; this is likely to be the best chance in most of our lifetimes to log this state!


Doug Smith said...

KKGR-680 is being heard here - quite poor but audible.

KERR-750 has been reported in Maryland. No sign here; WSB is way too loud.

580: WDBO, Orlando
680: WWTQ, Memphis
unID nostalgia
unID ESPN Radio (probably Atlanta)
750: WSB, WSB, WSB
930: nothing
1290: WHKY, Hickory NC
1310: WDOD, Chattanooga

Doug Smith said...

The unID nostalgia station was WCTT Corbin, Kentucky.

The unID ESPN Radio was NOT Atlanta -- it was KNBR, San Francisco!