Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mystery test on 1610

Many DXers are reporting a VERY strong test signal on 1610KHz last night. It broadcast only a 1KHz tone... and was heard coast-to-coast.

At 0800 CST, it's still audible (but just barely) here near Nashville and by Neil Kazaross near Chicago.

Direction finding and fade characteristics suggest a location on the Eastern Seaboard generally between Philadelphia and Raleigh.

If you hear this station as local reception please let me know.


N4VA said...

I first heard the station last evening at about 7:10 PM EST while driving in downtown Washington, DC. This morning (11/29) I monitored it as I drove from Springfield, VA to Washington, DC. It was generally strong, with little fading. I was also hearing it while in the city between tall buildings and with all of the noises created in the city. It "felt" like it might just be a local or semi-local to this area. I hope it stays on long enough for us all to figure out who it is. Larry Vogt, N4VA Springfield, VA

Anonymous said...

It's very audible and strong in Springfield, MA, as well as (I'm told) in Hartford, CT. I heard it from 6:15pm last night until 7am
this morning. It was so strong I couldn't null it with my Sony 7600.

Chuck W1CLD

Doug Smith said...

A post on another board fills in some - but by no means all - of the gaps in this mystery.

Some of the points:

- The station is legal.
- It's being operated for antenna tests.
- The transmitter is on the East Coast (I think we knew that)
- It's running 10kw.
- Similar signals on 590 and 1020 are part of the same test. (and while it wasn't specifically said it's strongly implied all three frequencies are transmitted from the same site)

- The tests will continue for another week. The station will remain on 1020 until 7:00 EST Sunday morning; the station will then go silent until 9:00 Tuesday morning, when it will return on 590 and operate there until 7:00 Friday morning.

The "insider" was posting from Raleigh, North Carolina but I don't know that you can infer anything from that.