Friday, December 01, 2006

Distributed (TV) Transmission System in Penna.

The FCC has granted WTVE-51 (Reading, Pa.) an 8-transmitter Distributed
Transmission System (DTS) for their digital operation on channel 25.
All eight transmitters are considered co-equal by the FCC.

The transmitters:
#1: 760w/366m 40-21-16/75-53-57 NE of Reading, on their existing
analog tower.
#2: 2.8kw/282m 40-37-13/75-17-37 east of Bethlehem (WZZO-95.1
#3: 110w/116m 39-33-42/75-55-48 S of North East, Md.
#4: 1kw/337m 39-53-44/76-14-23 S of Lancaster on Hwy. 272
(WDAC-94.5 tower)
#5: 1.15kw/235m 40-23-53/76-19-25 E of Lebanon, N of Myerstown
#6: 600w/168m 40-23-06/74-52-58 E of Lambertville, N.J., N of
#7: 126kw/444m 40-02-30/75-14-13 WCAU-10 tower, Philadelphia
#8: 4.25kw/138m 40-45-50/76-02-03 between Pottsville & Tamaqua on
Hwy. 209

(I'll bet you can guess which one WTVE will consider the "primary"!)

The FCC has not yet completed final rules for DTS operation. This
facility is authorized under Special Temporary Authority; WTVE has been
warned that the DTS may require modification to come into compliance
with any future changes in the rules.

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