Monday, January 08, 2007

CBC Moncton going to FM

Your best chance to log New Brunswick will soon disappear... The CBC's application to move CBA-1070 Moncton to 106.1 FM has been approved. After the new FM station comes on the air, AM 1070 will continue to operate for 90 days, and then vanish forever.

The move will leave New Brunswick with only twelve AM stations, six of them 40-watt LPRTs:

600 CBAX Mcadam 40w (CBC Radio 1)
990 CBAF-20 Kedgwick 40w (Radio-Canada, French-language relayer of 88.5 FM)
990 CJCJ-2 Plaster Rock 40w (relayer of 104.1 FM in Woodstock)
990 CBAO St. Stephen 40w (CBC Radio 1)
1230 CBAF-21 St.-Quentin 40w (Radio-Canada, French-language relayer of 88.5 FM)

540 CBGA-1 Grande-Anse 10,000w (Radio-Canada, French-language relayer of 102.1 FM in
Matane, Que.)
590 CJCW Sussex 1,000w (250w at night)
810 CJVA Caraquet 10,000w (private French-language station)
930 CFBC Saint John 50,000w
950 CKNB Campbellton 10,000w (1,000w at night)
1260 CKHJ Fredericton 10,000w

I expect the new FM station to be completed relatively quickly. It will share an antenna with three existing CBC stations. (88.5, 95.5, 98.3)

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