Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another 87.9 (and Class D) station??

A new-station application in Alaska is trying to get around two FCC

- The proposed Akiachak station would operate on 87.9MHz...
- It would be a Class D station...

Proposed facilities are 50w/23m at 60-54-34N/161-25-53W - just a few
miles up the Kuskowim River from Bethel in southwest Alaska. While the
applicant is an individual, the application indicates the station would
be operated by students at Akiachak School.

Why they chose 87.9 is beyond me. FM stations within 100 miles:
91.9 translator
94.3 permit for translator
96.1 translator, plus a permit for another translator elsewhere
100.1 KYKD, class C3 station

Obviously there are many, many other channels available for a
low-powered FM station in Akiachak. And if they can afford 50 watts,
surely they can afford 100 - becoming a Class A station and not having
to get a waiver to the "no new Class Ds" policy too...

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Doug Smith said...

I have since learned that FCC regulation 73.512(c) does allow for new Class D stations in Alaska. (but only in that state)

On the other hand 73.511(a) seems to indicate that no new stations with less than 100 watts ERP will be authorized anywhere.