Sunday, February 18, 2007

Utah DX test March 19th

KMTI 650khz Manti, UT Maintenance Test
Date(s): Monday Morning (Late Sunday Night) March 19, 2007

Time: Midnight until 0200AM Mountain Time (2 Hour Long Test)

Modes of Operation: 10Kw DA-2

Programming: Morse Code ID's, Sweep Tones, Voice ID.

Notes: Arranged by NRC Member, John Tucker, KG7RS, of Mesa, AZ. John stopped by KTMI during a recent road trip and convinced engineer Doug Barton to run some special programming during his next maintenance period! That's "grass roots" DX testing in action!

Reception reports are desired via e-mail (first choice) and
snail mail (only if e-mail is not available) Station would prefer
to received recordings of the test (MP3, CD, or cassette).
Submit reports to:

Please put "KMTI DX Test" in the subject line.

All standard mail reports should go to:
Les Rayburn
High Noon Film
100 Centerview Drive Suite 111
Birmingham, AL 35216

*SASE Required for reply.

Thanks to Doug Barton and the staff of KMTI for including us in their maintenance period! And a special thanks to John Tucker for arranging this test. This is a real chance for those on the East Coast to put a 2nd Utah station into their log books!

Les Rayburn, N1LF
NRC/IRCA Broadcast Test Coordinator
Please call anytime 24/7 if your transmitter
will be off the air for maintenance.
(205) 253-4867

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