Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Major AM station changes

Waverly, Michigan: 1080KHz:
WOAP has been granted permission to move from Owosso.
Power will increase to 50,000 watts, and the station will go directional with a six-tower array.
The tower site will be at 42-37-10N/84-34-31W, just south of Lansing.

Ripley, Ohio: 1180KHz:
KELE has applied for permission to move from Mountain Grove, Missouri.
(yes, they're moving from Missouri to Ohio...)
The move also involves a frequency change from 1360KHz; indeed, just about all that will stay the same is the power, at 1,000 watts daytime only.
The non-directional single tower will be at 38-38-55N/84-00-42W which, confusingly enough, is in Kentucky. (just west of Maysville and just across the Ohio River from Ripley, the city of license)
Ripley is roughly midway between Cincinnati and Huntington, West Virginia.
KELE appears to have won AM Auction #84 which would appear to give it the right to make this move.

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