Thursday, June 28, 2007

AM station callsign changes

The following AM stations have recently changed callsigns:
Saraland, Ala.: 770 New station: WHOA
Sahuarita, Ariz.: 1210 KQTL to KEVT
Calexico, Cal.: 1490 KICO to KGBA
Lafayette, Ind.: 1410 WLAS to WSHY
Greensburg, Ky.: 1540 WAKY to WGRK
Frederick, Md.: 820 WTOP to WTWT
Orono, Me.: 1530 New station: WFGO
Petoskey, Mich.: 750 WWKK to WLDR
Baxter, Minn.: 1180 New station: KYES
Fitzwilliam Depot, NH: 870 New station: WZNH
Pleasantville, N.J.: 1490 WTKU to WTAA
Cleveland, O.: 1300 WERE to WJMO
Cleveland Heights, O.: 1490 WJMO to WERE
Klamath Falls, Ore.: 960 KKJX to KLAD
Braddock, Pa.: 1550 WURP to WLFP
Philadelphia, Pa.: 1480 WDAS to WUBA
Rural Retreat, Va.: 660 WCRR to WJRK
South Boston, Va.: 1400 New station: WAJL

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