Monday, June 25, 2007

Major AM station changes

Tucson, Arizona: 1080KHz:
KGVY granted move from Green Valley.
Tower to 32-15-11N/110-57-44W
Power increase to 1,400 watts. (non-directional, daytime only)

Rosamond, California: 1380KHz:
KWJL granted city-of-license change from Lancaster.
No technical changes involved.

Sanger, California: 1370KHz:
KGEN granted move from Tulare.
Tower moves to 36-39-39N/119-41-02W.
Power changes to 3,800 watts daytime/102 watts nighttime, directional during daytime only.

Grafton, West Virginia: 1190KHz:
WTBZ granted move from 1260KHz.
Power to increase to 4,500 watts daytime, 22 watts nighttime, non-directional.

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