Wednesday, July 18, 2007

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed callsigns in the last month:

CityFrequencyNew CallsOld Calls
Birmingham, Alabama1260WYDEWLGD
Mobile, Alabama710WNTMWPMIwas WNTM before
Monroeville, Alabama930WEZZWYNI
Juneau, Alaska1330KXLJKTNL
Leone, American Samoa900KKHJnew station
Bishop, California1340KACEKBSP
Dover, Delaware1600WXXYWAMS
Savannah, Georgia1400WSEGWHGM
East St. Louis, Illinois1490WFFXWESL
Shelbyville, Indiana1520WSVXWKWH
Monticello, Maine710WCXHWREM
Birch Tree, Missouir1310KBSPKACE
Reading, Pennsylvania1340WRAWWKAPcalls were in this market before
Monahans, Texas1330KCKMKLBO

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