Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another military experimental broadcast station

Glenn Hauser's World of Radio is reporting that Oklahoma State University has received two experimental licenses to test broadcast equipment under Navy contract. This is similar to the tone tests widely heard last year. All domestic-band radio operations are under the callsign WE2XFZ at two sites:

Chilocco, Oklahoma 36-56-14N/97-04-17W:

Flying H, New Mexico 33-00-08N/105-02-54W:

All AM transmissions are listed as 30kw ERP, but they claim to have one 10kw transmitter and one 2.5kw transmitter. On FM, transmissions are listed as 5kw ERP with antenna 50m above ground.

Shortwave and TV tests are also mentioned - shortwave frequencies below. TV channels are not mentioned, but they have a 1kw VHF and 100-watt UHF TV transmitter at each site. (and the manufacturer says the TV transmitters can change channels in seconds by means of front-panel thumbwheels.)

Planned shortwave frequencies are:
4015, 4085, 12115, 12185, 22015, 22085, 26115, 26185 kHz
Also 12415 and 12485, but these two have not yet been approved by NTIA.
All frequencies are planned for both the Chilocco and Flying H sites, with the calls WE2XFV and a power of 1kw. Both SSB (both sidebands) and AM transmissions are planned.

DX Listening Digest 7082
DX Listening Digest 7084

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Doug Smith said...

Monitoring Times reader Paul Signorelli, W0RW advises the correct shortwave call is WE2XFY, not WE2XFV.