Friday, July 13, 2007

California station to translate IBOC signals?

The Indian Wells Valley TV Booster in Ridgecrest, California had a problem.

Their audience had become accustomed to hearing classical music over a translator of KMZT-105.1, Los Angeles. Then... KMZT decided to change format. They went country. There are already plenty of country stations serving Ridgecrest...

So why not relay KUSC, the Los Angeles station that took over the classical format? Not strong enough... KMZT continued to carry the classical music on their HD2 subchannel, and IWVTV considered translating KMZT's HD2 - but local station KLOA-104.9 made reception of KMZT's HD signal impossible.

How about going the other direction? KCNV-89.7 is a classical station in Las Vegas, maybe they could translate that? Except there's a local station on 89.7 as well. (KGBM) No shot at that.

Except... KCNV is running IBOC. While KGBM clobbers KCNV's analog signal on 89.7, it doesn't clobber their digital signals on 89.5 and 89.9. Voila: reliable reception of KCNV's IBOC classical music.

Until KCNV's studio-transmitter link failed & they had to turn the IBOC off...

So now, they're going for the same program on the HD2 subchannel of KCNV's sister station KNPR.

Talk about dedication!

More on this.

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