Monday, August 20, 2007

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed callsigns in the last month:

Oakland, California: 960KHz: from KQKE to KKGN
Bunnell, Florida: 1550KHz: from WAYI to WNZF
Gibsonia, Florida: 700KHz: WJWB assigned to new station
Cochran, Georgia: 1440KHz: from WDXQ to WDCO
Elberton, Georgia: 1400KHz: from WSGC to WNGA
Haverhill, Mass. 1490KHz: from WCCM to WCEC
Salem, New Hampshire: 1110KHz: from WCEC to WCCM
Ruidoso, New Mexico: 1450KHz: KWES assigned to new station
Delaware, Ohio: 1550KHz: from WXOL to WDLR
Sand Springs, Oklahoma: 1340KHz: from KTKX to KJMU
Bellaire, Texas: 1560KHz: from KILE to KGOW
Cameron, Texas: 1330KHz: from KMIL to KTAE
Rural Retreat, Virginia: 660KHz: from WJRK to WLOY
Anacortes, Washington: 1340KHz: from KLKI to KWLE

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Doug Smith said...

More changes:
Bishop, California: KBSP to KACE
Birch Tree, Missouri: KACE to KBSP
Rensselaer, New York: WEEV to WTMM